Top 5 - Miss Universe 2010: Philippines was almost left out of the Final 5

Miss Mexico topped the evening gown competition in the Miss Universe 2010.

Miss Philippines almost didn't make it to the Top 5 because her score was only 0.021 higher than Miss Albania.

Miss Ireland who was predicted to win by some pageant sites and the top favorite by the bookies unfortunately failed to make the final cut.

Here are the Top 5 finalists of Miss Universe 2010:

1. Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete 8.913
2. Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps 8.884
3. Australia, Jesinta Campbell 8.841
4. Ukraine, Anna Poslavska 8.743
5. Philippines, Maria Venus Raj 8.714

6. Albania, Angela Martini 8.693
7. Ireland, Rozanna Purcell 8.548
8. South Africa, Nicole Flint 8.420
9. Guatemala, Jessica Scheel 8.286
10. Puerto Rico, Mariana Paola Vicente 7.971

It's interesting that the Top 5 come from different continents.

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