"He's Beautiful" premieres August 16 on ABS-CBN's Hapontastic


He's Beautiful A.N.JELL

The long wait is over...

The Koreanovela hit "You're Beautiful" (now titled "He's Beautiful"
will finally air on ABS-CBN starting August 16 after months of
anticipantion by Pinoy viewers.

It will be aired on weekdays, on ABS-CBN's Hapontastic block before "Momay". This might be disappointing for some who were expecting it on
primetime, but others are already happy with it.

I understand why ABS-CBN opted to put it on daytime because there's no
more timeslot to fill in on primetime.

However, that's the timeslot alloted for the ABS-CBN Regional Network Group shows, thus it's going to be one-day delayed everyday in some provinces. How can ABS-CBN be harsh to the viewers from those in the provinces? They still have more than a week to change the timeslot, as being requested by some viewers.

"He's Beautiful" is topbilled by Park Shin-hye as Mi Nam/ Mi Nyu, Jang Geun Suk as Tae Kyung, Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy and Jung Yong Ha as Shin Woo, collectively known as "A.N.JELL."

Some of you for sure are familiar with Park Shin-hye and Jang Geun Suk as they appeared already in other Koreanovelas. Shin-hye played the
young Jodi in "Stairway to Heaven" (shown on GMA 7) and as Shin Sae Ryung in "Prince Hours" aired on Studio 23, while Geun Suk was Kim Eun-ho in "Hwang Jini" on GMA 7 and as Kang Gun-woo in "Beethoven
Virus" on Q11.

Lee Hong Ki meanwhile is the leader of FT Island who already held a
concert in Manila last March and Jung Yong Hwa is the leader of Korean indie band C.N.Blue.

Watch teaser trailer (uploaded on Youtube by heartjam2):

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