The Beyonce Experience in Manila


Beyonce's one-night concert at The Fort Bonifacio Open Field in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines Wednesday, November 07, 2007 was a huge success with a record breaking 70,000 Filipinos watched the event.

The number is considered by far the highest number of attendance for 'The Beyonce Experience' worldwide tour which had its first taste in Japan and Australia last April, then to European countries in May & June, in North America from July to September and finally in Asia this November.

The second highest attendance next to the Philippines was 55,000 tickets sold in Japan.

Tomorrow, November 09, Beyonce will be in Seoul, South Korea and the last stop is on the 12th in Taipei, Taiwan.

'The Beyonce Experience' tour will soon be released as a DVD on November 20th with a promotional title 'The Beyonce Experience Live!'

To those who failed to watch the said big event in Manila, here are some photos of the bootylicious Beyonce Knowles during her performances:

Photo Credits:Beyonce Daily and Vince Lopez Photography

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  1. hello!
    i am a very fan of beyonce.. and i want to watch her concert in philippines on that day.. nut i cant watch because o my schooling...
    i want to watch the concert... please remind me when the dvd will release in the philippines...
    thank you!
    here you can email me in for reminding me about the release in philippines...