25 Under 25: America's Best Young Entrepreneurs 2007

BusinessWeek.com has come up with the list of 25 finalists for America's Best and Most Promising Young Entrepreneur 2007.

It amazes me how these young people manage to be as successful or even more successful than those businessmen aging 40 and above. For sure, their extraordinary achievements and stories inspire a lot of young people, including me, to make good of their crafts and be like them in the future.

The 25 most promising entrepreneurs under the age of 25 are as follows:

Nathaniel Stevens, 24 of Yodle

Tyler Barnett, 24 and Jason Ellman, 25 of Barnett Ellman

Sam Altman, 22 and Nick Sivo, 22 of Loopt

Francesco DeParis, 24; Kyle Redinger, 24 of DeParis Redinger

Shawn Liu, 25 of Hillhouse Tailors

Polina Raygorodskaya, 21 of Polina Fashion

Alex Tchekmeian, 21 of AKT Enterprises

Other finalists include:
Ubong Attah, 23 of Studio10Fourteen and Prolete Medical Billin
Lee Brown, 23; Lucas Brown, 23; Lin Miao, 20 of Tatto
Vincent Choi, 23; Deborah Umunnabuike, 23; Jessica Umunnabuike, 21 of Avant Gaudy
Mitch Cohen, 20 of ClixConnect
Max Crane, 19; Tyler Dikman, 23; David McIntosh, 20; Darian Shirazi, 20
Max Durovic, 24; Michael Kenny, 23 of Aarrow Advertising
Gabriel Erbst, 24; Will Geronimo, 25; Dwight Lee, 24 of TableXChange
Eugene Fernandez, 24; Richard Scalesse, 24 of Unique Squared
Ashutosh Gupta, 19 of Gupta Financial Consulting
Ben Keighran, 25 of Bluepulse.com
Jake Kloberdanz, 24 of Hope Wine
Jasmine Lawrence, 16 of Eden Body Works
Amit Nar, 22 of A Better Night's Sleep
Arun Parameswaran, 24; Arjun Parameswaran, 22 of Astutant Group
Ashley Reed, 21 of ASR Clothing
Sarah Schupp, 25 of University Parent Media
Rishi Shah, 25 of Flying Cart Media
Bryan Sims, 24 of Brass Media

Who among them should be America's Best Young Enterpreneur 2007. Vote HERE.

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