PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Updates 007


102907 12:18 AM The housemates are still unaware that Toni will be one of the housemates, but they know she's inside the confession room. Mcoy concludes that Toni might be one of them especially that their wake up call yesterday was Toni's song 'Catch Me I'm Falling'. Mariel isn't convinced because she says Toni will lose too much if she stays in the house. She's referring to Toni's everyday work load.

102907 01:25 AM The housemates welcome new housemate Toni. Mariel isn't shocked. She asks Toni if she's okay. Kuya treats them with a variety of food.

102907 4:19 AM Baron Geisler gives a massage to Ethel.

110107 In commemoration of All Souls' Day, the housemates offer candles and prayers to their dearly departed loved ones.

110207 Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez accompanied Riza, Victor, Baron and Donnie outside the house to do some symbolic rituals and goodbyes to their dead loved ones.

110307 10:22 PM While waiting for tonight's results for eviction, Will Devaughn and Riza Santos spend time talking with each other, comfortably conversing in English. San kaya nakatingin si Will? (joke)

110307 11:34 PM The nominees Baron and Donald Geisler, Megan Young and Zara Aldana get ready for the night's eviction.

110307 11:50 PM Megan Young is declared safe. On the live feed, I can see the housemates congratulating and cheering for Megan, except Ethel, who did not even clap for her.

110407 12:03 AM Zara Aldana is evicted, giving the chance for the Geisler brothers to stay in the house. After she left, Ethel is now reaching out to teary Megan and even volunteers to sleep beside her, now that Megan's bed mate Zara has been evicted. Baron could not believe he was saved from eviction. He smartly said that the votes are all for his brother Donnie, by which all the housemates agreed with.

100407 12:16 AM Fresh from escaping eviction, Megan and Baron talk about Zara, thinking that Zara will now know about what happened at Glorietta Mall and about the identity of the Matinee Idol who admitted he's gay. They're curious whether they had a chance to work with the gay actor before.

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