Filipino online petition is 2nd most popular petition in the world

The Filipino online petition asking for an apology from ABC and its show Desperate Housewives is the 2nd Most Popular Online Petition, as of October 07, 2007.

The said petition, which now has over a hundred thousand online signatures, was initiated by a Filipino-American instructor Kevin Nadal after Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher delivered a dialogue about "some" medical schools in the Philippines which offended the Filipino community, especially the Filipino-Americans.

Though ABC Television Network has already issued a statement of apology and promised to revise or delete the scene on its future airings, the issue has not yet ended. Some Filipinos are appealing to their American-based countrymen to boycott the show.

The debate on whether the joke was really offensive or not is still unresolved.

On a poll conducted by AOL News, 74% believes that it was just a silly joke, while only 26% says it has racial implications. 53,141 people have voted for the poll.

Another AOL poll shows that 69% of over 50,000 voters believe that ABC and Desperate Housewives should not worry about the issue, while 31% suggests they should apologize.

If you analyze Teri Hatcher's line, "I just want to make sure that they are not from SOME med schools in the Philippines," the word SOME brings a different meaning to it.

I have read somewhere that the line does not refer to ALL, but only SOME med schools in the Philippines. And I think, the writer of the show is probably aware of the nursing leakage incident that happened in the Philippines for the 2006 Nursing Board Exams, which in a way has affected some med schools in the Philippines.

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