PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Updates 003

with new screencaps inside...

101707 06:15 PM Boys' bonding outside the house, with the new housemate Jon Avila

101707 6:30 PM Zara Aldana cries, because of her experiences in the past. Self-pity queen of the season? The housemates comfort her and give advices not be insecure, not to be jealous of other people's condition and leave the past behind.

101707 07:23 PM Newest housemate Mariel Rodriguez having her first meal in the house.

101707 08:50 PM Masculine Jon Avila is working out on his first night in the house.

101707 09:37 PM Mariel Rodriguez has changed her clothes (not hers though). My first time to see her wearing a t-shirt. She looks like she has big boobsy there, doesn't she? Watch out for deglamourized Mariel inside the Big Brother house.

101707 09:55 PM Mariel's luggage and suitcase have finally arrived. This confirms she's indeed staying for good in the house as one of the celebrity housemates. She's now fixing her things inside the girls' bedroom.

101707 11:10 PM The houseguest Mariel Rodriguez stayin' comfortably inside the house.

101707 11:30 PM The expected housemate Ethel Booba arrives, and is entasked to host a simple show, with Ruben Gonzaga.

101707 11:31 PM It's indeed a celebration for the housemates, especially now that the official housemates line-up is already complete.

101707 11:33 PM Jen Da Silva is caught again. She is undisputedly the season's taas-paa with matching bukaka queen. Do you think that Jen will have a clash with Ethel soon? How true that Jen is a daughter of a popular actor in the 80's?

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