PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Updates 002


101607 9:00 PM Housemates having fun at the pool

101607 9:10 PM Victor Basa is chilling like a girl.

101607 10:20 PM Beauty queen Zara Aldana was given a task by Kuya to conduct a modelling show, ala beauty pageant by the pool side. Ruben was first, then followed by Riza Santos and the rest of the housemates.

101607 10:35 PM It's Will Devaughn's turn. He's doing so well in the ramp, but unfortunately he fells down the pool. His crotch gets hurt, but he's okay.

101607 10:45 PM: Victor Basa comes next.

101607 10:50 PM Never too late for the young at heart Yayo Aguila

101607 10:55 PM Of course, Zara should also do the ramp. Quote from Yayo: "Ganyan din katawan ko noong araw."

101607 11:07 PM Zara hands out special awards to her co-housemates like Mr. Suave, Ms. Congeniality, Ms. Smile, Mr. Serious, Miss Teryosa, Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, etc. In turn, they have to pass on the awards they receive to other housemates, whom they think deserve to receive such award.

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