PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Updates 005

with new screencaps inside...

102107 8:47 PM Hunky boys Will Devaughn and Victor Basa together at the mini hot tub

102107 9:02 PM Victor Basa and his armpit

102107 10:36 PM Housemates getting ready for their next special task, a competition for the Head of Household title.

102107 10:44 PM The game has started. I think it's called TOUCH THE COLOR, wherein Kuya will mention a color and the housemates will all hurry to touch the mentioned color. Whoever touches it last will be out of the game. Victor, Will, Baron and Mcoy were the first ones expelled from the game. Next are Jon and Ruben. Gaby comes next, the first from the girls.

1021007 11:05 PM Ethel Booba and Yayo Aguila, as the last housemates standing for the Head of Household title. In the end, it was Ethel who won the Pinoy Big Brother Touch the Color competition and becomes the first Head of Household (HOH) of PBB.

102107 11:20 PM Because of the game, beauty queen Zara Aldana was slightly injured. Hope it won't leave some marks, as she has to maintain beautiful legs.

102207 5:55 PM Jon Avila kisses Mariel Rodriguez during their special task.

102507 8:25 PM Mariel, Jon and some other serve as human "espasols". They're bodies are covered with thick white powder. It's the consequence of losing during The Magic Carpet Ride challenge.

102507 8:42 PM The punishment has ended, but it's not over yet for Ethel and Will Devaughn, who are having fun, have themselves wrapped together, embracing each other inside the tarpaulin.

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