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9:45 PM Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 The Red-Carpet Premiere has officially started with a short clip of the 1st edition.

9:46 A voice-over gives out clues of the 13 celebrity edition 2 housemates: pretty young star, poor beauty queen, beauty queen soldier, tisoy model actor, sporty hunk, simpatikong hunk, pasaway na aktor, racing goddess, elite athlete, komedyanteng promdi, despised babe, cool na mom, musikerong daddy

9:47 Opening number with Pinoy Dream Academy Season 1 Grand Star Dreamer Yeng Constantino and Dean's Lister Emman Abatayo singing the theme song, "Sikat ang Pinoy!" originally performed by Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga in PBB Celebrity Edition 1.

9:51 Introduction of/by the hosts: Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzales.

10:00 A sneak peek on the 13 housemates, showing parts of their body

10:02 Commercial break

10:08 The show is back. Mariel and Bianca show viewers the new, refreshing and transformed Big Brother house.

10:15 Toni Gonzaga has divulged that only a few housemates will be revealed tonight, while others will be introduced on the coming days, starting tomorrow in Pinoy Big Brother Uber. She then gives clues of the 1st batch which includes 6 housemates, 3 males and 3 females.

10:17 Commercial gap

10:22 They're back. Introduction of the 1st celebrity housemate: Half-German, Half-Black American. This is obviously William 'Will' Devaughn, a commercial model.

10:29 He's finally introduced. The TRUE LOVER, WILL DEVAUGHN, with a short interview with Toni. Afterwards, Bianca has escorted him inside the house. I'm already rooting for him hahaha

10:33 The PRINCESS OF CHARM. It's MEGAN YOUNG, a former Kapuso star, Starstruck Season 1 Avenger, now Star Magic member. Wow, I'm so happy she's there. It will be her moment to shine. Megan is only 17, but already taller than Toni. A future beauty queen indeed.

10:36 The program pauses for commercial ads

10:43 PBB is back. The 3rd housemate is being introduced. A beauty queen, reigning Miss Canada Earth, who can sing well, the desirable bombshell diva RIZZA SANTOS, who earlier denied she will be one of the housemates.

10:47 The pride of Davao is next. Ang komedyanteng Promdi, Ruben Gonzaga. I don't know him honestly.

10:51 Commercial ads

10:57 Another housemate is being introduced. A sexy, cover boy. A model, an illegitimate child, the lonely dream boy VICTOR BASA.

11:05 Celebrity mom is next, a teen star in the 80's, a cast of the popular movie 'Bagets' with husband William Martinez and Aga Muhlach. The mom in distress YAYO AGUILA.

11:16 Mariel introduces the next housemate. A former child star, the wild child, BARON GEISLER.

11:23 8th Celebrity housemate is next. But before that, The Banker of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal talks to Toni, which is a sign that a Deal or No Deal 26k Girls member is the next housemate. She's indeed a briefcase girl, a scholar from La Salle.

11:33 Advertisements

11:37 Kuya has ordered the 8 housemates to remove their blindfolds. The housemates are now introducing themselves to each other.

11:39 Toni announced the 2 more surprise housemates. First, is a former briefcase girl of Kapamilya Deal or no Deal, the despised babe.

11:41 Back to Kuya. He orders M and one guy housemate (Baron) to proceed to the hall way, take the large suitcase there and bring it to the living room. M opens the suitcase and there you have it, another briefcase girl JEN DA SILVA is there. It's surprise, but it seems M isn't surprised at all.

11:46 Toni then shared to the audience that M and Jen are 2-in-1 housemates, which means, if one of them will be nominated, the other is also automatically nominated. Commercial break follows.

11:52 One more surprise housemate. It's obviously Baron's brother, Donald Geisler. I don't think Baron will be surprised. Everyone knows he's coming to the house.

11:55 It's indeed Donald Geiser, a taekwondo champ, already a father and Baron's older brother.

11:57 Toni then announced that someone from the planet YEKOK is coming to the house when PBB returns.

12:02 PBB is back, with Kuya reminding the housemates of the values for the upcoming Christimas celebration. Kuya then officially welcomes the housemates, with a follow-up task afterwards.

12:05 Commercial

12:08 The housemates are shown changing their attires in preparation for their task, which according to Toni, will be shown in the coming days. Back to Toni, she welcomes KOKEY, the character from the TV series KOKEY. Toni explains why Kokey is there and that is to take part in turning on the Christmas lights around PBB house and the whole ABS-CBN complex. It's indeed the official start for ABS-CBN's Christmas Celebration for 2007.

12:15 A glimpse at the housemates inside the house. Kuya orders them to start their task. Commercial gap follows.

12:20 A teaser is shown for the 5 more housemates, to be revealed in PBB Uber, starting tomorrow at 5:30 PM. The remaining housemates will be the musikerong dad, a controversial beauty queen, tisoy model-actor, extreme sports lover and car racer.

12:23 The show has officially ended. Goodnight everyone.

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