PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Updates 001

with new screencaps inside...

101607 02:08 AM It's Gabby dela Merced's first night in the house. She bonded so well with the housemates, but she spent more of her night with the hunky boys, Victor Basa and Will Devaughn. Good choice Gabby!

101607 04:04 PM Megan Young, with the young-looking mom Yayo Aguila. These two are seen most of the time seated beside each other.

101607 05:31 PM The housemates are practicing KDOND dance outside. Jen Da Silva (in pink), is a former KDOND 26K girl, but she's the one who's actively teaching the housemates as compared to the current KDOND 26k Girl M. The latter was even reprimanded by Kuya for eating, while teaching the dance.

101807 05:39 PM The hunky boys turned briefcase boys Will Devaughn and Victor Basa. Quotes from the girls: "Mas malandi pa nga sa atin ang mga boys."

101607 05:40 PM Jen Da Silva, the Wendy Valdez of the season? She sits the same way with Wendy.

101607 05:59 PM New housemate Mcoy Fundales' first chit-chat with his co-housemates

101607 6:53 PM Daddy Mcoy Fundales gets a hug from Mommy Yayo Aguila

101607 7:30 PM The hunky boys, Will Devaughn and Victor Basa

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