PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Updates 006

with new screencaps inside...

102607 12:13 AM At this point of time (midnight), the winners of The Magic Carpet Ride challenge have their prize, a pedicure.

102607 4:47 PM Let's peep at the boys while changing their clothes for their next special task.

102607 5:51 PM BALLOON SHOT. The game has started. With the use of an arrow, they have to shoot the water-filled balloons over their teammates' heads.

102707 2:28 AM It's 2:00 AM in the morning and the housemates are still full of energy talking about different stuffs, until they come to dare each other with their unique talents. Like Mariel, who shows the housemates that she can put her whole fist into her mouth. WHAT A MOUTH!

102707 2:30 AM Jen da Silva also takes the challenge by showing that her long tongue can reach the upper part of her chest.

102707 10:33 PM Housemates getting ready for the eviction night

102803 10:45 PM A new set of nominees shall be known one day after the 1st Eviction Night. The housemates are all set to know who they are. Head of Household Ethel seems not bothered at all. She's busy putting some make-ups on. Of course, as HOH, she's given the immunity to be exempted from the nominees' list.

102807 11:03 PM Megan Young is nominated for the 2nd time.

102807 11:20 PM Zara Aldana is the 2nd nominee for eviction, while 2-in-1 housemates/brothers Baron and Donie Geisler completes this week's line-up of nominees.

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