Victor Basa, the next Rustom Padilla?


Victor Basa's sexuality is in the spotlight again since he entered the Big Brother house as one of the celebrity housemates.

Ever since Victor started modelling, especially during the days when ABS-CBN launched him as one of its stable of stars, his sexuality was already in question. The malicious gay accusation was believed to have rooted from the modelling industry, where he originally came from.

Is he really gay? or if not, a bisexual?

Inside the house, he was even popped up with the same question by his co-housemate Will Devaughn. Victor's intriguing answer to the question was neither a yes or a no, but instead, he thought for a second, he explained that he had a girlfriend in the past so he thinks he's straight.

Or maybe, Victor is confused of his sexuality?

The whole Filipino gay community awaits for another Rustom Padilla to come out from the Big Brother house.

Here's Victor Basa, playing a gay role in the Cinema One Originals 'Maling Akala'

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