Barang GAY Election 2007

After Marc Cortez of MTB's TV IDOLS confessed about his gay orientation, who do you think should follow next and admit he's GAY?

Before you could vote for this special poll, email first your answer suggestion to One suggestion only per one e-mail address.

Barang GAY Election 2007

After Marc Cortez has admitted he's gay, who do you think should be next to come out from the closet?

Uma Khouny
Suggestion B has suggested UMA KHOUNY as a possible choice:
"well, the scenario that i foresee in uma's case is that he (i mean she, im sorry) will be compelled to come out due to his perrenial annoyance to wendy valdez.and that after his not so shocking revelation that he is gay, he will challenge wendy in a one-on-one life-ending boxing match in pinoy mano-mano. here's the thing, uma thinks that if he comes out of his closet, she and wendy will be of the same gender, thus making it void that he fights wendy in a girl-to-girl deathmatch."

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    check mo yang url na says that uma is gay..gosh..