Marc Cortez admits he's gay


Former MTB TV Idol Marc Cortez has finally admitted on Entertainment Live! that he's GAY.

I'm not shocked though, because it was already an issue before during his stint on MTB Ang Saya Saya as one of the TV Idols. The picture speaks for himself though.

What shockes me more was the way he projected himself during the interview with Toni Gonzaga, whom he had worked with on the defunct show Most Requested Show (MRS). He was so gay, gayer than you could imagine. But he's still funny and nice just like before.

At least, he's got the courage to reveal his true identity and I hope more suspected gay actors would also come out from the closet.

Other than MTB and MRS, Marc was seen in ABS-CBN shows like Qpids (as one of the Prince Charmings) and Yes Yes Show!

He grew up in Binan, Laguna with his grandparents and his mom is currently in Canada.

Mark (left) with the TV Idols

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2 Comment(s):

  1. hayyyyy! lola naloka aketch sa paglaladlad nya sa tv di ko kinaya,atche pala talaga ever itong binatilyang itetch antarush nya gusto pa daw magkaanak kaso ang problem daw itech e di pa nya keri magjontis! hay! naparoll ako sa kakatawa, winnie cordero sa kaberdehan.malgim itech tong kadramahan na itech kasi di raw sya walk in fame sa labas ng house nya na nakamake-up o panggirlalu ever na costume para irespect daw ang lola mo ng mga kapitbahay. ahhaha! may point ang hitad! go ka lang chufatid! chinglalu siguro crush nya yung mga kasama nya sa tv idol may feeling pa aketch na nakahada na itech kaya ganyan na language nya, hihihihiihi!

  2. i had already seen him pose sa isang gay magazine. at first, i was convinced that he's straight but after the tv show, god, sayang sya. but i would still love to see him though. if he'll ask me out for a date, why not?! ehehehehehehe..