Simon Atkins and Kim Chiu: a new loveteam is born | Poll: Do you like Simon for Kim? Vote now...

Fans have formed two names for a possible loveteam of Kim Chiu and Simon Atkins.

And those are "Kimon" (coined from Kim & Simon) and "ChiuKins" (Chiu & Atkins).

Which one do you like more?

The Kim Chiu and Simon Atkins loveteam already has its own Twitter account as well as a thread on PEX and a Facebook Page which is getting lots of "like" already.

It just goes to show that the fans are now more "open" to the idea of pairing up a new guy for Kim, the same way they accepted Kim's former loveteam partner Gerald Anderson in new loveteams (Jewerald, Ashrald).

The Kim Chiu-Simon Atkins loveteam was formed after the DLSU cager posted some tweets on Twitter, expressing that he likes Kim Chiu and wants to meet her.

Most of Simon's tweets during the last 10 days were about Kim. Among those tweets are as follows:

"No way of knowing her. Wala ako kakilala na friend nya."

"i want to meet kim?"

"@josefelizalde psst kim chiu! Pakilala mo ako haha"

"no date for me...K** where are you? :)" [posted on Valentine's Day]

"nababasa nya? How? Kakahiya. Won't tweet na hahaha."

[after talking with Kim on the phone] "Best day ever!! :) still
shaking but super happy. Haha weird feeling!"

[on Kim's new Bench ad] "I really like the bench photo :) so pretty"

According to Simon, he started to like Kim when he saw her personally at ABS-CBN last January while he was having dance practice with his team. "Na-starstruck ako!" is how he described the moment he saw Kim.

With Simon being so vocal on Twitter that he likes Kim, a fan once asked him if he's only after "publicity" and here's how he responded: "Publicity? I don't need that. I'm a fan like you. I don't have any bad motives. Stop thinking that way naman na parang I don't have a right to admire someone like her."

Yeah, I believe in you Simon. I don't think he's using Kim just to get attention.

And besides, Kim is very likeable naman talaga di ba?

On Kim's part, I think Simon is her type of guy: tall, mestizo and sporty, just like her "ex" Gerald Anderson.

I won't mind if Simon will be Kim's next boyfriend. How about you?

Photos courtesy of Simon Atkins Facebook Page / Star Magic


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