Denisse Oca pregnant, Phil Younghusband is the father?

Denisse Oca is 6 months pregnant, and reportedly, Azkals' Phil Younghusband is the baby's father. Could this be the very reason of the sudden Phil and Angel Locsin break up?

If Denisse Oca is still not yet familiar to you, she is the daughter of actress Melissa Mendez and the same girl who got romantically linked to Phil 3 years ago, while he was in the early stage of dating
Angel. (Phil Younghusband's photos with rumored gf Denisse Oca

And during that time, both Phil and Denisse denied any romance goin' on between them.

Last year, Denise was also maliciously linked to John Lloyd Cruz, allegedly causing his breakup with Angelica Panganiban. For the record, Lloydie and Angelica are still together.

A few days ago, a very pregnant Denisse Oca flaunted on Instagram her 6-month baby bump, enough to fuel speculations that the father could be Phil Younghusband, whose 2-year relationship with Angel Locsin
ended just last October.

With Phil and Denisse having been linked in the past, we can't blame people to link them once more, especially now that the always controversial girl is pregnant, and she's keeping private the identity of the baby's father.

"To everyone else, like I've already said, I'd like to keep the identity of the father private FOR NOW... People will know who the real father is when I'm ready," she said via Instagram.

Is Phil the baby's father?

Reacting to the worsening speculations, Denisse has repeatedly denied on Instagram that Phil is the father of her baby, and that she had no involvement at all in the Phil-Angel
break up.

d_oca: "it's not true at
all but no matter how many times I say that people will just think I'm denying it and will keep saying hurtful things. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I shouldn't have even been dragged into this "issue" and I'd like to stay out of it. This is all I'm going to say about this. Pls just let me live my life and enjoy this blessing :)"

d_oca: "I don't know Angel personally but I know she is a good person and I hope she will appeal to this rumor and deny it ever being the cause of their break up because I really have nothing to do with this. I didn't even know they were broken up until today
when people started accusing me of being involved. Whatever is going on with my personal life has nothing to do with them, I'm struggling with my own battles. It's not easy to raise a child on my own but it was my decision to do so and I just want to embrace this blessing without being accused of fake rumors."

d_oca: "One thing I can say for sure is that it is definitely NOT Phil. And I just pray for my baby's sake that people will leave me out of this Phil-Angel issue because I am not involved in this. I wish nothing but the best for them both in their respective careers and lives."

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