Anne Curtis and Gerald Anderson as Dyesebel and Fredo - No chemistry?

Anne Curtis will be paired for the first time with Gerald Anderson in the 2014 remake of 'Dyesebel'. Her other leading man in the soap is her ex-flame Sam Milby.

But since Gerald got the role of Fredo, Dyesebel's one great love, and Sam Milby was given the merman role, the main loveteam in the upcoming show will still be that of Anne and Gerald.

Previous adaptations of 'Dyesebel', either in the movies or television, had Dyesebel and Fredo living happily ever after in the story ending. (unless ABS-CBN will make a completely different ending this time. But I don't think so.)

Fans have already started to use "AnneRald" as the name of the new loveteam, coined after their names. I can also see some calling the tandem as "GerAnne".

Sam and Anne on one hand already had their loveteam tried and tested many times in the past, and the new TV series marks their reunion project on television, reviving their SamAnne / Kismets loveteam. In the movies, the two also have a project coming up, the horror film 'The Gifted' which will be shown this 2014, probably after 'Dyesebel' has already started airing on ABS-CBN.

It looks like to be a great casting already: the three are all good-looking, good actors and already having established names. (Also notice that these 3 all have foreign blood.)

But some people however took notice of Anne and Gerald having no chemistry. Or maybe people are not just used to seeing these two together?

They were never paired to each other in the past, thus they were barely seen together on TV or in any projects.

Their only association was their appointment together as among the National Peace Ambassadors mid-2012.

Searching for photos of them together on the internet would lead you to a photo of them in a production number for ASAP (screengrab courtesy of teamgerald) in 2010 and another photo taken during their appointment as peace ambassadors at the Malacañang Palace in 2012.

The 2nd photo was uploaded by Anne in her Instagram account, even describing Gerald as Zac Efron of the Philippines.

But little did she know that this Zac Efron of the Philippines would become her leading man 2 years later.

I assume ABS-CBN hasn't conducted yet a look or screen test for Anne as Dyesebel and Gerald as Fredo, since the actress was informed she got the role only a day before the press launch / storycon last Thursday.

Ahmm maybe let's give the new loveteam a chance. It's too early to make judgement. We shall see if it's gonna work as soon as the cameras begin rolling and the show hits our TV screens.

Gerald on his part has always adored Anne and wanted to work with her ever since, having named the pretty actress in past interviews as one of his showbiz crushes. On Bandila's "Ikaw Na" segment in 2012, he also named Anne as one his 3 sexiest Pinays, alongside Karen Davila and Cristine Reyes.

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