Deniece Cornejo Rape Case filed vs Vhong Navarro, but CCTV video can prove no rape happened

Vhong Navarro is now facing rape charges from Deniece Cornejo, despite the existence of a CCTV video which could support the premise that no rape happened.

The CCTV footage at the Forbeswood Heights condominium on the evening of January 22, 2014 clearly shows that it was impossible for Vhong Navarro to rape Deniece Cornejo.

Even the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), who released the CCTV footage today, believes so.

That Wednesday night, Vhong arrived at the condominium 10:38, then Denice went out a minute later.

Rape in a minute or two? Impossible, especially if Cedric Lee, in an interview, was claiming he caught Vhong Navarro, fully naked, in the act of raping Deniece, because in the said CCTV, Lee was shown arriving just a minute after Deniece left the condo. The woman was not in a hurry at all or showed no sign she got raped while going out the place.

Two men, believed to be Cedric's companions, arrived two minutes later, as well as several other men a few minutes after. Then Denice was shown later going back to the condo.

They, including Navarro with hands tied at the back, altogether left the Forbeswood Heights condo past 11 that evening and went to Southern Police District to file a police blotter.

Though not caught on CCTV, the mauling incident happened inside Cornejo's condo unit.

To see it for yourself, watch it on the ABS-CBN video below.

Another CCTV video is reportedly being sought by NBI from the condo's security personnel. ABS-CBN reported tonight that NBI wants to know if two of Cedric's men were already inside the condo ahead of Vhong. In the first CCTV released, they were shown leaving with the group, but they weren't seen arriving after Vhong.

Yesterday, Vhong already filed 6 cases (Serious Physical Injuries, Serious Illegal Detention, Grave Threats, Grave Coercion, Blackmail and Unlawful Arrest) against Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee, Zimmer Raz, JP Calma, Jeff Hernandez, Ferdinand Guerrero and 1 more.

I'm not taking sides, but with the real and actual CCTV footage now on hand, it becomes clearer who's telling the truth, who's innocent and who deserves to be served justice. And in my opinion, it's Vhong.

The CCTV footage will just implicate Denice and Cedric even more.

And even with the existence of the CCTV obviously favoring Vhong, the other camp still continues to insist Deniece is the victim. She is still bent on filing a case against Vhong, this time it's now Rape, and no longer Attempted Rape. (Maybe, she got raped in her imagination.)

In her sworn statement when she file the case today, Deniece claimed that Vhong pulled her hair that night and she was forced to do oral sex on him. And then the actor allegedly attempted to do something more than that.

"It was only by a miracle that my friends suddenly appeared to help me. I suddenly felt the weight of Kuya Vhong taken away from me and when I was free, I ran to the first person I saw who was a female friend of mine. I was crying, inconsolable and hysterical," said Cornejo, adding that her friend took her out of the condominium unit down by the poolside to console and allow her time to gather her senses.

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