Kris Aquino on GMA 7 or TV5 network transfer: "No decision yet, negotiations ongoing"

LATEST UPDATE: Kris Aquino announced on January 6 that she already renewed her contract with ABS-CBN and remain a Kapamilya.

PREVIOUS UPDATE:Kris Aquino to transfer to GMA 7? or to TV5?

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino is making one big decision this 2014 as soon as she returns from London, where she and kids Josh and James aka Bimby have been spending their vacation since last week.

Will Kris return to the Kapuso station, GMA 7, or transfer to the Kapatid Network, TV5? Or will she stay on ABS-CBN and remain a Kapamilya?

While in London, she has been constantly posting meaningful messages on Instagram about her rumored network transfer, and this new one, posted about 2 hours ago (January 6, 12 midnight, Manila time) led some people to assume she's already leaving ABS-CBN for another network.

krisaquino214: "I was able to hear Mass in Saint Patrick's in Soho... The priest in his sermon to inspire believers during the Feast of the Epiphany quoted Dag Hammarskjöld, UN Secretary General who died in a plane crash in 1961 w/ words to this effect: "For everything that has been, THANK YOU. For everything that will happen, YES". I felt this was a very strong message for me personally... In 2014 I will continue to believe & have faith in God's plan for my life... Thank You for caring very much about my future plans. For all those who understand that my decisions in life are most influenced by my sons, thank you... It was a solemn promise to my Mom near her death that I would do everything to insure Josh's comfort & well being. She told me that w/ Bimb we could be confident that he could be independent & make a good life for himself. It is for Josh that I must leave behind enough to insure that even when I'm gone he would be financially secure. At only 6 years old, Bimb understands his Kuya's special needs & promised to always share w/ Josh. I have been blessed w/ a career I am passionate about but at the end of the day, my most important mission is to be the best mother I can be..." (screenshot credit to @raymtweets)

Take notice of the line "For everything that has been, THANK YOU. For everything that will happen, YES", Kris made an emphasis on the words THANK YOU and YES.

It's like she's already saying "Thank You" for the things that have happened to her while on ABS-CBN, and also seems like she just said YES to the question if she's indeed switching networks or not.

However, in a newer Instagram post, Kris was quick to react to any wrong assumptions. According to the Queen of All Media's message as caption to a photo of her with sons Bimby and Joshua, she hasn't yet made a decision and negotiations are still ongoing. She further said that she just explained in her previous post what's insider her heart.

krisaquino214: "Psssttt: no decision has been made, negotiations are on going, I simply explained what's in my heart... Will enjoy our last few days here in London. Will look forward to watching a couple more musicals, doing some more sight seeing, and experiencing afternoon tea then buying a few more teapots..."

The decision is all hers, but reading through reactions both from Instagram and Twitter, most people want her to stay with her current network, which is ABS-CBN, her home network for 17 years.

I've read some comments of worried fans saying that Kris Aquino chooses to transfer to GMA 7 or TV5, she might suffer same fate like Sharon Cuneta, Aga Muhlach, Claudine Barretto and even Derek Ramsay, former Kapamilya stars whose popularity has declined after leaving ABS-CBN.

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