Cedric Lee - What did he do to John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca?

Did Cedric Lee also victimize John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca?

The netizens are curious about (as always) the intriguing Facebook post of seasoned journalist Tony Calvento the other day, Jan. 29.

Calvento, who's a veteran in investigative journalism, posted in his Facebook account an update on the Vhong Navarro case against Deniece
Cornejo, Cedric Lee & co., in which he included an appeal to John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca to also speak up against Cedric Lee.

According to the journalist, who's also a friend of Vhong's manager Direk Chito Roño, a reliable source told him that what happened last January 22 was really a "set-up" and the initial plan was to bring Vhong to a safehouse.

"I have a reliable information that the plan was really to grab Vhong before he enters the condo and bring him to a 'safehouse' where they would be able to do anything with him and later on....(?) Inside the condo were security officers, CCTV cams and even witnesses. This explains why Deniece was by the elevator and was startled to see Vhong that she blurted,' binigla mo naman ako'. She went down the elevator and out of the condo. Her place is only at the 2nd floor of the condo and Cedric Lee and his cohorts could have been parked (there were two cars) outside and could have missed Vhong going inside the condo. All these is providential because in the end, if this did not happen, he would have no tale to tell," said Calvento.

And then his next statement somehow implied that Cedric also did something to celebrities John Lloyd and Jake.

He added, "Maybe it's about time that John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca start to speak on incidents with Cedric Lee."

He even advised his FB friends and followers to stop saying "Ingat!" (from John Lloyd's famous Biogesic TVC): "Kaya 'wag na kayo magsabi ang salitang 'INGAT' baka ma-John Lloyd Cruz tayo. God bless na lang mas effective pa."

Oh my! What did Cedric do to JL and Jake? Were they blackmailed too?
Threatened? Whattt???

Just like any daily teleserye we have, the plot thickens and gets more exciting each day for the Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo-Cedric Lee
Scandal. And now, two characters are added in the story: John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca.

People are now speculating about what could be that incident involving Cedric and John Lloyd, who is Vhong's friend and fellow 'Kanto Boys' member.

According to rumors, it got something to do with John Lloyd's breakup with Shaina Magdayao, who happens to be the sister of Cedric Lee's former gf and mother of his 4-year-old daughter Ceana, Vina Morales.

As for Jake, he allegedly also had an 'incident' with Cedric while he was dating Lovi Poe, the ex-gf of Ronald Singson. Allegedly, Lee has connection with the Singsons.

These are just rumors, which could be true or not, and everyone's hoping Tony Calvento will reveal what really those incidents are, so that people will stop speculating.

I highly doubt though that John Lloyd and Jake will speak up against Cedric, since they managed to keep silent about it in the past. But it would be so admirable if they will, if they want to help in Vhong's case.

Now I admire Vhong more for having the courage to speak up and fight, rather remain silent about it and carry the burden forever.

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