Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford Romance confirmed! Billy admits courting Coleen

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford are, indeed, dating each other!

They can't hide it forever, and so Billy Crawford had the courage to admit on 'Buzz Ng Bayan' episode today, January 12, 2014, any romantic involvement he has with Coleen Garcia, who happens to be his co-host on 'It's Showtime'.

"Mahirap maglakad nang nagtatago, mahirap maglakad nang alam mong maraming nagsasalita nang masama tungkol sa 'yo, kasi kami, tao rin kami. May puso rin kami. Nasasaktan din kami. That's why I'm here, and I do care. But what matters the most is that, I just want to be happy. It's 2014. I just want to move on. Be blessed, and be surrounded by beautiful people," Billy told Boy Abunda on 'Buzz Ng Bayan'.

Not surprising, since Coleen has long been rumored as the one who caused Billy's breakup with Nikki Gil just last July, and a photo of them together during a holiday vacation in the US circulated online over a week ago.

But what's surprising for me is when Billy Crawford said in his 'Buzz ng Bayan' interview that he's still courting Coleen Garcia, they're not yet boyfriend-girlfriend and that Coleen absolutely was not the third party in his split with Nikki.

Boy Abunda: "Billy, diretsahang tanong. Si Coleen ba ang third-party? Si Coleen Garcia ba ang dahilan ng paghihiwalay niyo ni Nikki Gil?"
Billy Crawford: "Absolutely not. Coleen is definitely not part of my past all."

Boy: "Nililigawan mo ba si Coleen? Are you in a relationship? Is Coleen Gercia your girlfriend?"
Billy Crawford: "Yes, nililigawan ko. She is not my girlfriend...yet. And I would love her to be. And I know she really wanted to pull away at one point, and really just did't want have anything to do with me, because of the speculations, because of everyone else speaking on our behalf. Pero ako, Tito Boy, bilang lalake, I'll pursue her. Paninindigan ko, yeah, I want to get to know her, slowly."

Ows? Really?? Is he cleaning up any mess, avoiding people to accuse him of "overlapping" during the course of his relationship with Nikki?

I still remember Billy's strong words against those people linking Coleen to his breakup with Nikki. He made this comment on Instagram before:

What the hell is wrong with you people? There is nothing about me and Coleen! You guys are just so wrong man. May problema kayo sa 'kin, ako na lang. Wag nyong idamay mga taong walang kinalaman sa hiwalay namin ni Nikki. Punta kayo sa ABS harapin nyo ako. Lakas nyo magsalita tungkol sa kung anong nangyayari eh. Pero wala kayong alam!!! As much as I’m lost and unhappy. You guys got major problems with your lives. Narrow minded people! Open your eyes and look in the mirror and ask yourself. Are you content with your life talking about others. Of course not, you guys are perfect! May God bless you all!!! Not even being sarcastic. Bless you all.”

Regarding the controversial photo taken during an NBA game last December and appeared first on the website, Billy said that it wasn't planned and it was just co-incidental that they were both heading to New York for a vacation. He however admitted that they dated in the US, that he was the one who asked Coleen to go with him and watch an NBA game. "Kasi 'hindi ako nakakapag-date dito eh, medyo naging sosyal, sa New York kami nag-date, medyo malayu-malayo," he said.

When asked by Boy to give a message to Coleen, here's what he said: "Ahm Coleen, I just really want to say thank you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be my self, to be real, and to try to get know me despite all the things that's going on. You mean a lot to me. And uhmm you give motivate me into going to to work everyday and I just enjoy who I am now. And I want to pursue of trying to get to know you better. I just wanna say I'll be here for you, as a friend or maybe even more. Thank you, that's all I wanna say."

From Gab to Billy (credit to PEP, nikkigilpics via Flickr, @coleengarcia via Twitter, Fashion Pulis)

But have you noticed that Billy has been catching Gab Valenciano's ex-girlfriends?

Both Nikki and Coleen had Gab first as their boyfriend before Billy.

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