Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson as 'Dyesebel' leading men: Should they switch roles?

'Dyesebel' cast members have been revealed. Who's playing the coveted role?

Kim Chiu was obviously used to build up fan excitement for the ABS-CBN remake of 'Dyesebel', when it's now Anne Curtis who will be playing the coveted role last portrayed on TV by Marian Rivera 6 years ago on GMA 7.

It's now official, yeah, very much official that 'Showtime' host Anne Curtis is the new Dyesebel, and will have ex-boyfriend Sam Milby and Kim's ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson as her leading men.

Even if most fans would want Sam as Fredo, the human lover of Dyesebel, sadly he's not and it's Gerald. Sam on one hand will take the role of Liro, a merman or "shokoy". Many fans think it would be better if it's the other way around: Sam will play Fredo, and Gerald as the merman.

All three appeared together during the story conference for the new soap held earlier today, January 9.

Sam Milby, Anne Curtis and Gerald Anderson at 'Dyesebel' storycon (credit to ABS-CBN)

With Gerald as one of the leading men, definitely the Dyesebel role would not be given to Kim Chiu. Or was there a major casting change since it was initially reported that Kim already got the role, with Xian Lim as Fredo?

In late 2013, tabloid reports surfaced confirming Kim as Dyesebel. (Read Salve Asis' December 30 article in Pilipino Star Ngayon as well as Reggee Bonoan's report a day after in Balita).

But Anne Curtis as Dyesebel is still a great choice. Remember, back in 2005, she was offered to play Dyesebel in a movie version under Viva Films which however did not materialize. It was also reported before that she was also supposed to play the role on TV if only ABS-CBN bought the rights to remake it in 2008. The rights eventually went to GMA 7 which did a "Dyesebel" remake that year and had Marian Rivera in the title role.

As a mermaid, Anne already portrayed such kind of character in the 2009 ABS-CBN fantasy soap "Dyosa" which incidentally also had Sam as one of her leading men.

Aside from Kim and Anne, other names rumored as choices for the role were Jessy Mendiola, Julia Montes, Erich Gonzales, KC Concepcion and Cristine Reyes.

Taping for 'Mars Ravelo's Dyesebel' 2014 remake by ABS-CBN starts this month.

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