Jessica Sanchez ready to go home on 'American Idol 2012'

16-year-old Fil-Mexican Jessica Sanchez might be feelin' doubly nervous now as she faces another nerve-wracking elimination results night on American Idol 2012 (Season 11).

Jessica Sanchez was almost voted off on American Idol 2012 results last week, but the judges used their "save" and let her stay in the competition, still joining the Top 7 finalists.

And for this week's results, Jessica probably is very much open to any possibility:
she might be back to bein' SAFE, she might land in the Bottom 3 again and since there's no more "save", Jessica might finally be goin' home.

Top 7 Redux: Jessica Sanchez sings "Fallin'"

Top 7 Redux: Jessica Sanchez sings "Try a Little Tenderness"

Jessica Sanchez does not deserve to go home, but Jessica herself is open to it and has already thanked her fans via Twitter just in case she's the next to go home.

"I don't know what's gonna happen tonight but if I go home I just wanna say thank you to everyone that's been voting and supporting me :) <3", Jessica says via her Twitter page @JSanchezAI11.

And when asked by a fan if she's more nervous now after last week's elimination when she was almost voted off, here's what Jessica said:

Looks like Jessica Sanchez is now ready to go home, but not yet Jessica, 'coz you deserve to be in the finals.

In 'American Idol' history, a finalist who got saved by the judges is not immediately voted off the following week.

The judges' save started in Season 8, when finalist Matt Giraud was saved by the judges also during the Top 7 round (just like Jessica). The next week, Matt was declared safe and didn't even land in the Bottom 3, but he was later voted off the following week (Top 5 round).

During Season 9, finalist Michael Lynche was saved during Top 9 round and stayed in the competition until Top 4. He was "safe" the next two weeks, figured in the Bottom 3 again during Top 6, Bottom 2 during Top 5 and finally was eliminated during the Top 4 round.

And just last year (Season 10), the judges used their "save" too early during Top 11 round for Casey Abrams. He was safe and never landed on the Bottom 3 for the next 4 weeks, and was later sent home during Top 6.

With that, there's a big possibility that Jessica is out of danger on tonight's results. It's probably because the fans are more driven and urged to vote and vote, for Jessica, to make sure what happened last week is not gonna happen this week.

If you have noticed, all Giraud, Lynch and Abrams were eventually eliminated and didn't make it to the finals, despite not being voted off right away a week after they got saved.

And I really do hope that Jessica would do break that tradition. Hopefully, she becomes the first "saved" contestant to enter the finals and be named as winner.

My predictions for later's results: Bottom 3 contestants are Elise Testone, Colton Dixon and Hollie Cavanagh, with Elise as the one goin' home. ©

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