Kit Thompson and Ryan Boyce Bromance heats up PBB Teen Edition 4

Kit Thompson and Ryan Boyce heat up our TV screens with their so-called "bromance" inside Pinoy Big Brother house.


Since they entered the Pinoy Big Brother house as Teen Edition 4 official housemates the other Sunday, Kit Thompson and Ryan Boyce have been inseparable, sleeping beside each other and always seen together so close like lovers.

Kit and Ryan

PBB Teen Edition 4 housemates Ryan Boyce and Kit Thompson

Kit and Ryan Bromance inside PBB house

It's not surprising because both are Kapampangan, coming from the Province of Pampanga.

Last night's episode of PBB Teen Edition 4 showed Kit and Ryan in their most "bromantic" moments inside the Big Brother house: so sweet, constantly hugging and kissing each other...and obviously the viewers loved it as "Kit and Ryan" immediately trended worldwide after it was shown.

And I'm telling you guys, many got "kilig" with their kiss.

Fans have already coined names for their loveteam, such as "KiRay", "RyKit" etc.

But what is this that I've learned about Kit, Ryan and Yves?

This photo clearly shows that Kit and Ryan already knew each other before joining PBB.

Kit and Ryan are friends
Kit Thompson with Ryan Boyce and brother Francis Vincent Boyce

Meanwhile, Ryan and Yves are also snapped together in a photo taken last year.

More about this controversy in my newer post. Read: Yves Flores, Ryan Boyce and Kit Thompson knew each other before Pinoy Big Brother?

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