Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4 1st Nomination Night: Kit, Claire, Mariz & Vince are nominated!

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4 housemates Kit Thompson from Pampanga, Claire Bercero from Makati City, Vince Manlapaz from Rizal and Mariz Raneses from Cebu City are facing eviction this coming Saturday, April 28, 2012, after they were named as nominees during the 1st Nomination Night held Sunday, April 22.

The 14 housemates of PBB Teen Edition 4 have made their 1st ever nominations and receiving the most votes from the other housemates was Kit with 9 points, followed by Claire, Vince and Mariz each having 7 points.

Kit, Claire

Vince, Mariz

WHO NOMINATED WHO: Here's how the housemates nominated against each other for the first time...

*Alec: Yves - 1 pt, Kit - 2 pts
*Claire: Yves - 1 pt, Karen - 2 pts
*Clodet: Kit - 1 pt, Mariz - 2 pts
*Joj & Jai: Kit - 1 pt, Claire - 2 pts
*Karen: Vince - 1 pt, Mariz - 2 pts
*Kit: Claire - 1 pt, Nikka - 2 pts
*Mariz: Clodet - 1 pt, Karen - 2 pts
*Myrtle: Mariz - 1 pt, Claire - 2 pts
*Nikka: Karen - 1 pt, Kit - 2 pts
*Roy: Mariz - 1 pt, Vince - 2 pts
*Ryan: Mariz - 1 pt, Vince - 2 pts
*Tom: Kit - 1 pt, Vince - 2 pts
*Vince: Clodet - 1 pt, Kit - 2 pts
*Yves: Nikka - 1 pt, Claire - 2 pts

NOMINATIONS TALLY: The housemates with the highest and 2nd highest nomination points form this week's set of nominees...

1. Kit - 9 pts
2. Claire, Mariz, Vince - 7 pts
3. Karen, Yves - 5 pts
4. Nikka - 3 pts
5. Clodet - 2 pts

*Yves only had 2 nomination points from his fellow housemates, but Kuya gave him an automatic 3 points for violating a major rule: "talking about nomination".
*Yves and Kit actually both violated that rule. They were given a task (cleaning/washing a comforter) and whoever loses, will get an automatic 3 points. Yves lost in the task and got the 3 points.
*Twins Joj and Jai are considered as 1 housemate, thus they can only have 1 pair of nominees.
*No one nominated against Alec, Myrtle, Joj & Jai, Roy, Ryan and Tom.
*As expected, Myrtle nominated Claire, Nikka nominated Karen, Yves nominated Claire, and Claire nominated both Yves and Karen.
*Karen had conflicts and confrontations with Claire and Nikka, but surprisingly, she didn't nominate these ladies. She nominated Vince and Mariz instead, while both Claire and Nikka nominated Karen.
*Yves, Ryan and Kit already knew each other before joining PBB, thus it isn't surprising that they didn't nominate each other.
*These housemates nominated each other: Karen and Mariz, Kit and Nikka, Clodet and Mariz, Yves and Claire.
*Most housemates who nominated Kit cited his offensive remarks as main reason why they nominated the Fil-Kiwi model.
*Myrtle nominated Claire because she's selfish.
*Claire is "tamad", "selosa" and attention-seeker, according to Kit.
*Karen nominated Mariz because she always talks about her boyfriend.
*For Ryan, Mariz is "napaka-plastic", while for Yves, it's Nikka who's "plastic".
*Most have nominated Vince because he's "tamad" and doesn't help in the household chores.
*Clodet is becoming bossy, says Mariz.

*On your cellphones, just type BB and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun subscribers, or 231 for Smart and TNT.
*30 votes per sim per day
*You can also vote online via

Who do you think will be the 1st evictee of PBB Teen Edition 4?


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