Gerald Anderson's "exes" Kim Chiu and Bea Alonzo together on ASAP 2012 stage

Gerald Anderson probably was able to watch ASAP 2012's episode today, April 22, and saw two of his ex-girlfriends Kim Chiu and Bea Alonzo together or, to be more exact, beside each other on ASAP stage.

Kim Chiu, who turned 22 last April 19, was given a special birthday prod on ASAP 2012, and of many hosts in the show, it was Bea Alonzo and Enchong Dee who hosted that particular segment.

As shown in the photo above by @ASAPOFFICIAL on Twitter, you can see Bea and Kim beside each other, a big proof that they're now okay, after the past controversies involving them and Gerald Anderson.

Remember the issues surrounding them before? Allegedly, it was Bea Alonzo who caused the breakup of Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu in 2010.

There was also this issue during Star Magic Ball 2010 that irked some Kimerald fans. Kim had Gerald as her escort, but Gerald was reportedly seen leaving the ball with Bea Alonzo.

Gerald and Bea also received death threats (that "asido" thing, remember?) allegedly coming from some fans of Kim-Gerald loveteam.

Since then, Kim and Bea were reportedly not okay and were seen avoiding each other on ASAP.

In mid-2011, Bea reportedly snubbed Kim at the Box Office Entertainment Awards by Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Foundation, where both Kim and Bea were among the awardees.

But not until late 2011, when Kim reportedly made the effort to say "hi" to Bea in one event.

Though we've seen Kim Chiu and Bea Alonzo in one prod before, this marks the first time that they were seen beside each other, as if no major controversies happened.

Probably, it was the two girls' way to send their ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson the message: WE HAVE DEFINITELY MOVED ON!

Bea Alonzo is now in a relationship with Zanjoe Marudo while Kim Chiu already has Xian Lim. ©

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