Yves Flores, Ryan Boyce and Kit Thompson knew each other before Pinoy Big Brother?

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 housemates Yves Flores, Ryan Boyce and Kit Thompson, already knew each other before they become housemates of the said popular reality show.

Ryan Boyce and Kit Thompson both hail from Pampanga, while Yves Flores is from Tarlac, but all 3 of them are Kapampangan.

On this photo, you can see Kit Thompson pictured with the Boyce Brothers: Ryan Boyce and Francis Vincent Boyce.

Kit and Ryan are friends

Kit and the Boyce Brothers together have appeared already on Chalk Magazine's December 2011 issue, as among the mag's 50 Hottest Guys of 2011:

Kit and Ryan Chalk Magazine

Does Kuya know about this?

It may very well explain why they're already so fond of each other. (Kit and Ryan Bromance)

And there's one more.

There's a big possibility that Kit and Ryan plus Yves Flores have known each other long before, the reason why these three are closer to each other than to their other fellow teen housemates.

Ryan Boyce and Yves Flores were both part of a regional teen program in Pampanga called "Twitters' Cafe", which was aired on Angeles City Cable TV Network (ACCTN).

Take a look at their pictures together for the said show:

There are rumors swirling around that these three PBB teen housemates are under one manager. According to the blog site byxbuzz.blogspot.com, Kit, Ryan and Yves are reportedly being managed by Mej Lopez Jimenez, a make-up artist and a salon owner.

Your reaction on this one?

Do you think it was just right that Pinoy Big Brother admitted these housemates who already personally knew each other?

Don't ever wonder if Yves, Kit and Ryan don't nominate each other during nominations.

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