Myrtle Sarrosa, Karen Reyes, Nikka Javier are nominated for eviction from the PBB house

PBB Teen Edition 4 held its 2nd Nomination Night Sunday, April 29, 2012, revealing an all-female lineup of nominees.

Nominated for eviction from the PBB house this week are housemates:

Myrtle Sarrosa from Iloilo City

Karen Reyes from Mindoro

and Nikka Javier from Batangas

Myrtle got the most votes from her co-housemates, a total of 11 points, mostly coming from the female housemates.

Nikka got 8 nomination points while Karen had 7.

Alec - 1 pt Yves, 2 pts Kit
Claire - 1 pt Karen, 2 pts Myrtle
Clodet - 1 pt Karen, 2 pts Myrtle
Joj & Jai - 1 pt Claire, 2 pts Myrtle
Karen - 1 pt Clodet, 2 Myrtle
Mariz - 1 pt Claire, 2 pts Karen
Myrtle - 1 pt Claire, 2 pts Karen
Nikka - 1 pt Karen, 2 pts Karen
Roy - 1 pt Claire, 2 pts Nikka
Ryan - 1 pt Myrtle, 2 pts Nikka
Tom - 1 pt Yves, 2 pts Mariz
Yves - 1 pt Kit, 2 pts Nikka

1. Myrtle - 11 pts
2. Nikka - 8 pts
3. Karen - 7 pts
4. Claire - 4 pts
5. Kit, Mariz - 3 pts
6. Yves - 2 pts
7. Clodet - 1 pt

*For the 2nd week, again, no one nominated against Alec, Joj & Jai, Roy, Ryan and Tom.
*Rumored as having one manager outside PBB, Yves, Kit and Ryan haven't nominated each other yet since the 1st nomination night, except Yves nominating Kit this time.
*These housemates nominated each other: Claire and Myrtle, Karen and Clodet, Myrtle and Karen.
*All female housemates, except Mariz, nominated against Myrtle; and from among the male housemates, it's only Ryan who nominated her.
*Only Alec has the same and exact 2 nominees as last week. For the 2nd time, Alec gave Yves a "1 point" and Kit a "2 points.
*Also for the 2nd time: Claire nominated Karen, Joj & Jai nominated Claire, Kit voted against Nikka, Mariz against Karen, Myrtle vs Claire, Nikka vs Karen and Yves against Nikka.
*Clodet nominated Myrtle because she's "sobrang OA".
*Karen on Clodet: "Wala sa lugar kaingayan nya."
*Karen "naglilider-lideran", according to Mariz.
*Nikka on Karen: "'di na siya babae kung umasta."
*Roy nominated against Nikka because she's "makasarili".

TO VOTE:Type BB and send it to 2331 or 231. You can also vote online via


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  1. Pls vote myrtle.
    Save naten c ate myrtel
    cauz sya ung maganda modelo ng kabataAng pinOy,she's kind ,smart ayaw nya sa di katulad ni karen mahilig sa away.

  2. Gusto ko pa naman dati kay karen taz habAng tumatagal Nakikilala mu na ung tunay na ugale palaAway ang hiLiq magbitaw na mga salita na di kaAyaAya parang di na sya bAbAe kung umasta .i hate her na .
    Pls Vote myrtle

  3. wow tanggal c nikka ? don't believe it hehehe XD......