Tin Patrimonio 's camp vs PBB alleged "cheating issue", still unsettled?

Tin Patrimonio is a name to watch out for in Philippine showbiz, a world once home to basketball player dad Alvin Patrimonio and brother Angelo.

Tin Patrimonio with PBB Unlimited Big Winner Slater Young

With a face of a leading lady, amiable personality and huge fan base, Tin Patrimonio will definitely have a place in the showbizlandia.

But how true is the rumor that Tin Patrimonio's family is already against it, especially after she failed to be part of PBB Big 4?

Allegedly, Tin's family still has unresolved issues with PBB management following Tin's surprising eviction from the said reality show.

Since Tin Patrimonio's eviction, her mom Cindy has been very vocal that Tin got cheated, as stated on her tweets (@cindypatrimonio).

"To all @acpatrimonio fans thnk u for all ur supprt.My baby will be home soon.CHEATED WE WERE....BUT NOT BEATEN!Tin is happy.... very happy!"

"Sabi lang ni TIN sakin "sayang 7 days nalang..." Sabi ko "Wala tayong magagawa...nadaya tayo...""

"Spell Cooking show!?!?!?"

"Let's all just accept it and be happy na she will be home and i an have her checked n that she willl not be used anymore....NO MORE BS!"

"We should all be happy that @acpatrimonio is not under a very manipulative show anymore... Ligtas na sya guys! Ligtas na!bahal Dios sakanila"

"@lemonlemontee totoo masakit ginawa ng @OfficialPBB4 kay @acpatrimonio pero that's their show.they can do whatever they want.BS!"

Mrs. Patrimonio even brought her sentiments to the producers of PBB and requested them to show to her the actual vote count during the eviction.

"@ByxKiller no am not mad at anyone even told the producers that i only thing nad about all this is that we were all cheated."

"@ByxKiller so tapatan i told the producers how I felt they told me they show me the exact counts of the votes then we shall see..."

"@rnbbebemiapot NO WAY na! Im bringing her home. Wanted to drag her outta there pero they spoke to us na sana daw wag muna. Tom. Nalang."

"Goodluck to Slater and Divine......at baka putulin na ang sagingan at ipasara na ang mall! Hahaha"

"Pamu will win if not Biggel sana c Paco nalang...tsk tsk tsk"

"@ByxKiller @butsky43 i asked the producers for actual vote counts sabi nila thy will gv me"

"@ByxKiller para mapakita ko rin sa mga fans na gumastos k tin."

"@EffsSinclair same here! So happy this is over!i dont habe to take all the crap!hahahahha showbiz yan talaga even if it is a reality show"

"itatanong ko lang kase sa @officialpbb4 kung kelan nila ibibigay sakin official count ng voting? I'm still waiting for it!"

"@Jeck_Conwi i asked for it from them and they said they will show it to me daw! Let's see kung may PALABRA DE HONOR ang @OfficialPBB4"

"@yantonil @jeck_conwi kahit na edit pa nila ...alam ba nila kung ilang sims tayo lahat meron??."

"@buknay12 @jeck_conwi eh ano pa nga ba...hulaan nila ilan ang sim cards na hawak ng fans!!! Or baka taasan nila ang tally hahahahahah"

Those tweets were posted days before the Big Night last Saturday, March 31.

Meanwhile, PBB Business Unit Head Laurenti Dyogi posted just the other day intriguing tweets about Tin Patrimonio, making "patama" to her mom or her family.

According to Direk Lauren, people surrounding Tin are making it too difficult for Tin to be in showbiz.

@direklauren tweets:

"Personally I like Tin, when I fought for her to our management, I felt she could be a star. Gandang Ganda ako sa mukha ng bata. Artistahin"

"@jodyl_27 di ako galit Kay tin. I like her and she has a Contract with us. I just don't understand why some people are antagonizing us."

"@jodyl_27 kami rin naman susuporta sa kanya at mag ibigay ng right projects in due time."

"Tin has been wanting to be in showbiz. I would like to support her. I hope some people don't make it too difficult ."

"I hope the people around her won't jeopardize her opportunities. Sayang pag nagkaganun."

Tin's mom immediately reacted to Direk Lauren's tweet and denied she's interfering with Tin's decision to join showbiz.

"@LoveKoSi_TinTin I dont think may issue pa.....@direklauren knows that...kahit ano pa sabihin nila..."

"@direklauren i am sure u don't believe in everything u read...in the kids' tennis i would never interfere withthe coach.same way in ur field"

As for the cheating allegation, Mrs. Patrimonio told Direk Lauren that their camp has already moved on and will no longer talk about it.

"@direklauren after we understood everything...nothing else was said...we understood and we have moved on...

Let's just hope that everything is really fine now between PBB and Tin's family, so that her entry in showbiz would be smooth and with no hindrances.

Many are hoping that Tin will be paired (in a loveteam) with PBB Unlimited Big Winner Slater Young. © www.mykiru.ph

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