Arjo Atayde and Akiko Solon loveteam now for real?

Arjo Atayde and Akiko Solon loveteam on 'E-Boy' led to real-life romance?

If you’re an avid fan of 'E-Boy', the very first ever robot-serye on Philippine which has wrapped up just last Friday, then you must already know one of the hottest and trending loveteams in the country today: Arjo Atayde (son of character actress Sylvia Sanchez) and Akiko Solon (Star Power 5th Placer), who are simply known by their fans as ArKiko.

Their chemistry and tandem on-screen is undeniably a hit to all teeners and young-at-hearts out there; a combination of a serious-suplado kind of guy and a loudly-kalog girl is something that’s really captivating.

BUT WAIT! Is it true that they’re already a real-life item on and off cam?

If you’ll notice the recent tweets of Arjo on Twitter and his recent pictures, you’ll notice that they’re a little extra sweet already; by that I mean, over-the-friends-zone kind of thing! LOOK!

Having shown you all those, what do you think is the ‘really is it’ story here?

And Arjo, what will you do in Cebu by the way? With Akiko? Meet the family? Is this already the so-called PAMAMANHIKAN stage? Or is this already the ask-the-family-for-their-daughter’s-hand-in-marriage drama? HAHAHAHA! Whatever it is, I hope you guys can share it with us as well!

E-Boy has already aired its finale last Friday, April 13; but we will be seeing more of them, hopefully, the ARKIKO tandem soon in their future projects! Let’s all keep watching! GO!

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