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Pinoy Fear Factor had a successful press preview last Monday, November 03, 2008 when the first three episodes were shown to the press and generally, they have nothing but praises to the said reality show of ABS-CBN.

To cite one positive review of Pinoy Fear Factor, here's a write-up from Mario Bautista of People's Journal:

WE were invited to the press preview of the first three episodes of “Pinoy Fear Factor” and it’s really very exciting to watch the “12 participantes” as they try to outdo each other in the various stunts and challenges assigned to them.

There will be an introduction to the show on Sunday after “Rated K” showing how it was shot on location in Buenos Aires, Argentina, along with the crew members who filmed the stunts (both Pinoys and Argentinians) and the 12 contestants who were transported there from Manila in a gruelling flight across the globe that took them a total of 26 hours via Kuala Lumpur and Johannesburg in South Africa.

The first episode that you’ll see on Monday introduces all the contestants and the first thing you’d notice is they’re all goodlooking. The women all have sexy whistlebait figures while the guys all have hunky physiques. Two of them are already in showbiz: LJ Moreno and Phoemela Baranda, both 27 years old. The other girls are younger. Gail Nicolas, who’s so shapely as she won in a bikini contest, is 25. Savannah Lamsen, the most voluptuous among them, is 23. The youngest one is Janna Dominguez, 18, and she also looks so luscious in a bikini.

Among the guys, the eldest is the appliance store owner from Cabanatuan, Manny Chua, who’s 27 and is an unwed father. Next is the veterinarian from Pampanga, Elmer Felix, 25, followed by Jommy Teotico, a professional model who’s an admitted ladies man, 24. The tallest one is Ram Sagad, 23, a former NCAA cager who’s 6 feet tall. The cutest one with the looks of a heartthrob is Jose Sarasola, 22, a Fil-Spanish chef. This early, he’s already controversial as someone posted his nude photos on the internet. Next is Marion de la Cruz, a soccer player who grew up in Austria, 21.

The youngest is RJ Calipus, 20, but he already has two daughters as he got married at 17. This early, we’re rooting for him as his life is a sob story and we want him to be able to give a better future for his kids. He’s the love son of his mom with a Frenchman.

His mom went abroad and had him adopted by someone in Tondo where he grew up. Being a cargador in Divisoria, he’s got the hard body of a working man, but the good looks of a Eurasian.

We’re sure he’ll quickly gain a lot of sympathizers who’ll cheer him on. If the winner would be determined by text votes, we’re sure he’ll have a good chance of winning, so we wish that he’d successfully hurdle all the challenges thrown his way. But in the very first task given to them, he ended up as the “kulelat.” As punishment, he was told to just walk back from the site of their games to their boot camp. We asked executive producer Alou Almaden how far was that and she said it’s something like from Quezon City to Sta. Rosa, Laguna since it took him three hours to get home.

All the press people invited to the preview were screaming as they watched the participants go through their assigned task. The first one required them to walk through a series of rolling barrels hoisted high up in the air and get some flags posted on it. If they lose their balance, they fall into the river below. They came to the site in thick jackets since it’s the middle of winter in Argentina. When they perform the stunt, they peel off their clothes and have to be in skimpy swimsuits showing a lot of skin.

They find it so hard to combat the very cold weather, especially when they fall into the freezing water. It’s all very thrilling and a woman won this bout. We won’t say who. You have to find out for yourself. In the next game, they were told to transfer the eyes of a cow (matang baka) from one container to another, using their mouth. But what they didn’t know is that the container will be filled up with live crabs (talangka) and as they dip their faces inside the container, the crabs claw at them bruising their faces.

Mario Bautista's article is just one of the many good reviews about Pinoy Fear Factor and in just two days, Pinoys will experience the most exciting and shock-worthy show ever to hit Philippine television.

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