Mister International 2008 Photos

Taiwan, November 14-24, 2008


Lebanon, Mohamad Chamseddine; Vietnam, Ngo Tien Doan; Singapore, Ken Lim

Malta, Andrei Grech; Luxembourg, Gert de Winne

Korea, Park Jung Wan; USA, Ivan Rusilko; Greece, Dimitris Tsilis

Croatia, Mihovil Barun; France, Patrick Beck

China, Zhang Chao; Brazil, Marciel Moreno Mendes

Belgium, Koen Van De Voorde; Angola, Claudio Fortado

Venezuela, Marco Antonio Chinea Franco; Philippines, Ryan Roberts

Based on the above photos, it seems like the contestants from Luxembourg, Belgium, Croatia, Angola, USA, Greece and Brazil stand out above the rest.

Mister Philippines Ryan Roberts could have been a strong contender for the title, but unfortunately, he was already replaced by Jeff Surio, who has just arrived in Taiwan this morning.

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