NU107 Rock Awards 2008 winners

The band Pupil, headed by former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia, was the big winner in the 15th NU 107 Rock Awards held last night, November 27, 2008 at Silvercity, Frontera Verde in Pasig City.

Pupil scooped 5 honors, including the Artist and Album of the Year awards.

Unfortunately, Ely Buendia lost to Rico Blanco as Vocalist of the Year.

Despite tough competitions, Sandwich managed to win 3 awards, including the Song of the Year title for 'Betamax'.

Newly formed group The Out of Body Special picked up 2 awards, Best New Artist and Bassist of the Year for Nino Avenido.

Performers during the event were Bamboo, The Dawn, Pupil, Sandwich, Urbandub, Markus Highway, Greyhoundz, Radio Active Sago Project, Razorback, and Rico Blanco.

Here's the official list of winners and losers for the 2008 NU107 Rock Awards:

(winners are highlighted)

Best New Artist
1. Taken by Cars
2. Angulo
3. The Out of Body Special
4. Reklamo
5. The Camerawalls

Vocalist Of The Year
1. Gabby Alipe of Urbandub
2. Ely Buendia of Pupil
3. Rico Blanco
4. Niles Chong of Angulo
5. Carlos Magno of The Out of Body Special

Guitarist Of The Year
1. John Dinopol of Urbandub
2. Rico Blanco
3. Kelvin Uy of Angulo
4. Chino Singson of Itchyworms
5. LC De Leon of Reklamo

Bassist Of The Year
1. Lalay Lim of Urbandub
2. Nino Avenido for The Out of Body Special
3. Myrene Academia of Sandwich
4. Dok Sergio of Pupil
5. Benny Yap of Taken by Cars

Drummer Of The Year
1. Jan Jan Mendoza of Urbandub
2. Mike Dizon of Sandwich / Pedicab
3. Wendell Garcia of Pupil
4. Bryan Kong of Taken by Cars
5. Jazz Nicolas of Itchyworms

Best Live Act
1. Urbandub
2. Sandwich
3. Greyhoundz
4. Itchyworms
5. The Spaceflower Show

Artist Of The Year
1. Urbandub
2. Sandwich
3. Pupil
4. Rico Blanco
5. Out of Body Special
6. Angulo

Album Of The Year
1. “Under Southern Light” of Urbandub
2. “Marks the Spot" of Sandwich
3. “Wild Life” of Pupil
4. “Is Love” of The Out of Body Special
5. “Ending of a New Kind” of Taken by Cars

Best Album Packaging
1. for “Marks the Spot” of Sandwich

2. Team Manila for “Under Southern Lights” of Urbandub
3. Sarah Gaugler for “Pocket Guide to the Other World” of The Camerawalls
4. LC de Leon and Toastedshop for “Bitch for Change” of Reklamo
5. GE Madriaga-Mapa for “Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter” of Pedicab

Song Of The Year
1. “Betamax” by Sandwich

2. “Monobloc” by Pupil
3. “Castaway” by Inyo
4. “Evidence” by Urbandub
5. “The Best Mistake” by Angulo
6. “Pasubali” by Spongecola

Best Music Video
1. “Guillotine” of Urbandub (Directed by Pancho Esguerra)
2. “Ang Pusa Mo” of Pedicab (Directed by RA Rivera)
3. “Monobloc” of Pupil (Directed by King Palisoc)
4. “Fallen” of Drip (Directed by Juan Alcazaren)
5. “Maskara” of Rivermaya (Directed by RA Rivera)

Red Horse In The Raw Award
1. Soul Brothers
2. Shut Eye View
3. Chromosom
4. Bembol Rockers
5. Play

Producer Of The Year
1. Urbandub and Angee Rozul for “Under Southern Lights” of Urbandub
2. Rico Blanco for “Your Universe” of Rico Blanco
3. Pupil and Jerome Velasco for “Wildlife” of Pupil
4. Eric Perlas for “Is Love” of The Out of Body Special
5. Miguel Alcaraz and Taken by Cars for “Ending of a New Kind” of Taken by Cars

Smart / Urock College Band Of The Year
1. Fuzz from Ateneo
2. Mithi from University of Sto. Tomas
3. Battle City from College of St. Benilde
4. The Eighteens from Letran
5. Twin Lobster from St. Scholastica’s College

Smart Buddy Listener's Choice Award: URBANDUB

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  1. bkit gnun?
    parang naulit ung 2004 rock award..wala nmang bagyo!..
    bwahaha...konti ng tao.. pero ok lng mas enjoy dahil wla maxadong gulo di 2lad nung mga nkaraan.
    meron lng akong nhalata..prang pumapangit n ang rock award..alam nyo kng bakit?
    konti na mga award n bnibigay,
    tska ang konti n nang nagpe-perform!..di 2lad ng dati umaabot p ng 15 na banda..bitin 2loy bad3p!!!
    nagtitipid n ba ang NU?tingin nyo?
    cguro isa s dhilan kya konti ang tao dhil ang mahal n kya ng ticket!
    isa p ung venue di alam ng mga tao..nsnay kc n sa worldtrade lagi ginaganap...