2008 Miss International results: Mykiru gets 8 out of 12

Unlike other websites who were only able to guess 6 out of the 12 semi-finalists for Miss International 2008, Mykiru's list of favorites was able to get a turnout of 66.67% (8 out of 12).

Biggest "misses" this year are the delegates from Norway and Canada, who were ranked 2nd and 4th in the list of favorites, but did not even make it to the semis.

The Miss International 2008 titleholder from Spain was one of Top 3 favorites.

Three of the Top 5 favorites turned out to be the big winners of this year's pageant.

Meanwhile, Turkey's inclusion in the Top 12 is the biggest surprise of all.

Interestingly, it is already the 6th consecutive year for Miss International to snub African delegates.

On Mykiru's list, strongest delegates from Africa were Miss Zambia Chipo Mulubisha and Miss Republic of Congo.

It is also the third consecutive year for Puerto Rico and Spain to place in the finals.


1. Colombia, María Cristina Díaz-Granados - 1st Runner Up
2. Norway, Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge
3. Spain, Alejandra Andreu - MISS INTERNATIONAL 2008
4. Canada, Elena Semikina
5. Poland, Anna Tarnowska - 2nd Runner Up
6. Philippines, Patricia Fernandez - Top 12
7. Puerto Rico, Miriam Pabon - Top 12
8. Venezuela, Dayana Colmenares - Top 12
9. Ecuador, Jennifer Pazmiño - Top 12

10. Indonesia, Duma Riris Silalahi
11. Japan, Kyoko Sugiyama - Top 12
12. Argentina, Yesica Di Vincenzo
13. Korea, Min-jeong Kim
14. Mexico, Lorenza Bernot Krauze
15. Bolivia, Paula Andrea Peñarrieta
16. China, Chang Wei Liu - 3rd Runner Up
17. Aruba, Nuraysa Lispier
18. Macau, Florence Loi
19. Ukraine, Yulia Galichenko
20. United Kingdom, Nieve Jennings
21. India, Radha Bhrahmbhatt
22. USA, Kelly Best
23. Vietnam, Cao Thùy Duong
24. Lebanon, Jessica Michelle Kahawaty - Top 12
25. Panama, Alejandra Arias
26. Zambia, Chipo Mulubisha
27. Republic of Congo, Blanda Eboundit
28. Dominican Republic, Claudia Peña
29. Thailand, Panasrom Kumkit
30. Slovakia, Lenka Sýkorová
31. Brazil, Vanessa Vidal
32. Czech Republic, Zuzana Putnárová - 4th Runner Up
33. - 60. Other countries
61. Turkey, Gülsün Uslu - Top 12

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