Prince William caught on cam peeing on a fence

Prince William is in the talks lately after a scandalous video of him surfaced on the internet last week.

The video shows Prince William peeing on a fence probably after having a break at a polo match.

Prince William's "royal possession" has become an internet sensation and photos of it are scattered all throughout the net.

Pictures (or even videos) of Prince William peeing not only graced gay forums and gossip sites, but also online news sites such as The Post Chronicle, The Huffington Phost, Associated Content and many others.

Of course, who wouldn't be interested?

We're talking about the son of Wales' Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and elder brother of Prince Harry.

Here are some screen caps from the said video:

I have found a Spanish site containing the said video. It's entitled El Principe William. If you're below 18 years of age and a conservative-type, please don't go there okay? You, yourself, are responsible for your own actions.

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