Charice might sing at Obama's inauguration

I hope it's true.

On ABS-CBN News, an internet buzz about the possibility of Charice performing in the inauguration of newly-elected US President Barack Obama on December 15th has been reported with reference to sites that started the rumor.

Note that one of the posters in a forum cited by ABS-CBN News is named "don't be fooled".

To quote: tried to find out where this 'inauguration performance' report started via online research, and the news site found the post of g-rex_03 at

"Forum Resident: i had a meeting with concert producers over lunch today and one of them told me that Charice might sing in the inauguration of Obama (because of Oprah) and she (Oprah) is also producing a kids' talent show in the States, where (prepare for this): Charice will be the host. last: she charges $30,000 per song in the States. But she still remains very, very grounded."

Speculation then began on internet forums and blogs, that the teen singer will sing at Obama's inauguration gala.

"Charice Fans...any truth to the rumors that Charice may be singing on President Obama's inauguration on Dec 15? This is due to Oprah's influence on the president elect. No announcement since security clearance is involved to who is performing. Update naman. Thanks," a forumer, "yna morin posted" at

"Congrats charice! Guys, let's email Oprah (go to her website) and request her to let Charice sing “I Believe” (of the AI fame) in the Obama inauguration. The song is but fitting for the American dream and surely , Charice will give justice to it. what do you think? Sounds a bit ambitious,right? But that would be the ultimate international exposure for Cha. Besides , nothing seems to be impossible for Cha right now. All the good things come rollin’. So, let’s bring it on for Charice!!!," forumer "channel7carrie" posted at htttp://

In another forum site,, forumer "don't be fooled" included the name of Charice as one the names of international artists who might perform for the inaugural.

"don't be fooled
On Nov 7, 2008 at 2:24 am | Reply | Quote
Suggestions for Inaugural performers:

Jennifer Hudson
Leona Lewis
Barbra Streisand
Alicia Keys
Il Divo
Andrea Bocelli
Charice Pempengco (The young girl who sang w/Celine Dion)
Celine Dion
Stevie Wonder
Corinne Bailey Rae
Yolanda Adams
BeBe Winans, CeCe Winans, Vince Gill and Wynonna Judd

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  1. She would not be suited to sing for the inauguration. True she is talented for her age,but there are other performers, who are actual Americans who would be more deserving, also very talented, and were part of our country's historical Presidential event. True she can represent for the Philippine country, but not for Presidential Inauguration of the United States. I hope they have an all American performance, at least for this historical event. It's just the thing to do. You don't see the Philippines asking a non-Filipino performer to come in and represent for a big Country event...

  2. WoW!!! Hopefully totoo to...

    Tinataas talaga ni Charice Pempengco yung dangal ng mga pinoy.

    High Aim Pinoy...

  3. Yes, there is a huge possibilty that Charice would be one of the performers at the Obama's Inauguration Ball on JANUARY 20,2009. (It's not on Dec.15). A lot of A-list will be there and of course, Oprah herself will be present.

    If this will happen. Charice, will definitely make us even more proud. Let's just pray that this will push through.

  4. Hi, Charice fans! I just made extensive updates to my Charice blog posts, including a BRAND NEW chapter on FalseVoice's contributions to Charice's career. I interviewed FalseVoice and worked with him to make sure the timeline of events was completely accurate. Here's the link:—my-interview-with-falsevoice/

    Let me know what you think!

    Phil Bolsta
    Author of "Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything" (

  5. It is confirmed! Charice to sing at Obama Inauguration ball!

  6. Well it will be unfair if we will just say, charice shouldb't be performing there simply because she is a non American and there would be other deserving American talents. If that is the case, then ANdrea brocelli (he is Italian), celine Dion (Canadian)shouldn't be performing there as well.

    Just let the girl shine for God's sake! Just because she doesn't hold a US passport and doesn't speak English with a twang accent, doesn't mean she doesn't deserve to be there!

    Besides, Obama is the main person in this event (not beyonce, not celine Dion), his speech and his performance as a world leader will be the focus of our attention.

    So stop bragging that only Americans must be selected to sing in this event.


    Charice Pempengco was invited to perform at the Realizing the Dream Fourth Annual King Day Commemoration & 2nd Annual Realizing the Dream Award Celebration. The event date was Jan. 18, at Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill and was hosted by Martin Luther King III.

    It was not a pre-inaugural celebration of President Barak Obama, it was not even televised, and it was a private reception. And President B. Obama was unable to attend the reception.

  8. don't blame Mykiru, that's why it's entitled "charice might sing" and not "charice will sing"

    anyways, you have a valid point. seems like the filipinos are overly ecstatic that they were made to believe that charice sang for obama.

    i could hardly find an international site telling us that charice did perform at the pre-inaugural ball.
    only filipino site claim so.

    even the video posted on youtube, i doubt it. because the audiences were filipinos and i could hardly see americans there listening to charice as she sings God Bless America

  9. Im not a fan of Charice, but reading some of the comments here made me upset. Why do Filipinos dont patronize their fellowmen? Why don't they believe that a Filipina child can stand out in a first world country. If we only believe in our capacities. Then we will not remain as a third world country. This only shows crab mentality. So what if she have only sung in a small group of americans, fil-ams, blacks? It only shows that she is wanted, Charice is wanted, a Filipina is wanted. Should we all just be proud? We need these good news to celebrate our Filipinism and lift our spirits high amidst racism in other nations, amidst this crisis. Be proud of others' success my dear.