Miss Earth 2008 candidates in Kapamilya Deal or No Deal

The candidates for Miss Earth 2008 have acted out as 26k Girls on ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Deal or No Deal.

As members of the 26k, the candidates were the ones holding the briefcases which contained the amount of the prizes at stake for the gorgeous hunky celebrity players of the day, Jon Avila and Will Devaughn of the Coverboys.

Here's the order of how they were called plus the numbers and the amounts they were holding:

#14 Canada, Denise Garrido P25
#1 England, Caroline Duffy P400
#18 Ethiopia, Kidan Tesfahun P2,000,000
#8 Indonesia, Hedhy Kurniati P400,000
#2 Honduras, Kenia Melissa Andrade P1,000
#12 Cuba, Jessica Silva P5,000
#15 Singapore, Ivy Leow Kian Peng P750
#4 Albania, Rudina Suti P5
#17 Luxembourg, Nadia Neves Pereira P100
#24 Dominican Republic, Diana Flores P300,000
#23 Tanzania, Miriam Odemba P150
#13 Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Yin Yin Tsai P10
#16 Nicaragua, Thelma Rodríguez P50
#10 Bahamas, Garnell Storr P1,000,000
#3 Bosnia & Herzegovina, Alisa Zlatarevic P10,000
#6 Costa Rica, Wendy Cordero P200,000
#22 Malaysia, Audrey Ng P500
#19 Russia, Anna Mezentseva P100,000
#11 Nigeria, Uko Ezinne P2,500
#7 Finland, Minna Nikkila P50,000
#5 New Zealand, Rachel Crofts P1
#21 Georgia, Sopiko Svimonishvili P75
#25 Congo, D.R., Olga Tkishala Yumba P500,000
#9 France, Charlotte Lagauzere P200
#20 Greece, Ria Antoniou P25,000
#26 Guadeloupe, Jennifer Desbouiges P300

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