Steps In Kissing (Get It From Bruce And Wendy)

Let's learn the steps of kissing:
1. Hold her hands
2. Then hug her tight
3. Praise her that she smells good
4. A short but meaningful whisper, "I love you!" or "I like you!" if you don't mean it.
5. Kiss her neck
6. Then go up, through the ear. Kiss it if you like.
7. Kiss her cheeks
8. If you want to slow down, kiss her forehead first.
9. But if you want it that fast, feel her breath and kiss her on her lips.
---take your time---
10. If you're done, hug her again and tell her it was great.

To visualize these steps, take a look at this instructional video of Bruce Quebral and Wendy Valdez of Pinoy Big Brother....

We can really learn a lot from Pinoy Big Brother! Keep watching ha ha!

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