PInoy Big Brother Season 2: 7th Nomination Night


Too bad that two of my favorites are nominated this time. Potential PBB Season 2 Winner Michael "Mickey" Perz is a big threat to the housemates, thus they nominated him even if they keep on telling that Mickey acts like a boss, but who cares, he's far better and more responsible than they are. This is Mickey's first nomination.

This ia also the first for Kian, in terms of being nominated by housemates' votes. He had been automatically nominated twice, the second being the cause of his first eviction. He's a Balik-Bahay housemate, and it seems like his return to the house isn't a good idea for the other housemates.

Bruce Quebral now holds the record for being the only housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 who has not yet been put into the nominees' list, at least up to this point. I thought Mickey will hold that record.

It's good thing for Gee-Annatics that their idol isn't nominated this time. Probably, they're given time to save more money for future nominations of Gee-Ann. She had been nominated four times, and she toppled all her opponents. That's a big big money if you sum up all her text votes.

Every nomination night, Bea keeps on telling that her choices are the ones who don't deserve to be in the house, or others are more deserving that's why she nominated them. Let's have a rundown of who she nominated before:
1st Nomination Night - Mickey and Robert
2nd Nomination Night - Dionne and Saicy
3rd Nomination Night - not applicable
4th Nomination Night - Robert and Bodie
5th Nomination Night - Dionne and Saicy
6th Nomination Night - Bruce and Nel
7th Nomination Night - Mickey and Bodie
Thus, if we analyze her choices, she has not yet nominated Wendy, Kian and Gee-Ann. Is it rightful to say that these three, including Bea herself, are deserving to stay in the house, if we stick to Bea's reason? Of the four, only two are deserving in my opinion. I therefore conclude that Bea keeps on nominating the deserving ones, with the exception of Bodie.

Nel and Wendy nominated each other. That's pretty something. Nel nominated Wendy because he's jealous of Bruce's attention towards Wendy.

Robert, Gee-Ann and Mickey have the same choices of nominating Kian and Nel, same with Bea and Bruce who both nominated Mickey and Bodie.

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4 Comment(s):

  1. Sad din ako, that both Mickey and Kian were nominated. They're the two I want sana to remain inside the house, but then one-on-one ang labanan. One of then we'll go come Saturday. I want Mickey to stay inside the house, to irritate the hms who are jealous of him,like Saicy, Bodie, Bruce and the backbiter Wendy.
    I want also Kian to remain dahil dati pa, siya yung nakaka-feel sa sama ng ugali ni backbiter Wendy.
    About Bea nominating Dionne before, feel ko lang na inggit sya ke Dionne for giving the latter 2 pts during separate nominations. About Mickey naman, they're not close, as what Mickey had said.

  2. yeah pareho tayo... tumatagal ung mga hindi deserving noh?

  3. tama naman si bea!!!!!hindi na deserving yung iba!!mayaman na yung iba at may kaya na!!!!si wendy naman mahirap pero sa atittude na ipinapakita nya ehhh parang hindi xa diserving!!!!!maarte siya at malandi alam niyang may naghihintay sa kanya!!!!dapat hindi si mickey at kian dapat si bodia at wendy!!!!maxado silang arogante!!!PERIOD

  4. Nagtagal nga ang mga di deserving which makes the show less appealing every week. Nakakabawi lang siya during weekend dahil Jumong. Sinuway ba naman ang publiko. Pinagtulungan na nga ng mga fans na i-vote out si backbiter Wendy, pero hayun, pinababalik using the other 3 hms. And that backbiter, kahit ano pang paglilinis sa sarili ang gawin nya, tainted na, ala nang kukuhang wholesome na advertiser dahil sa sama ng ugali. she should have been contented being a Dream girl, di sana nalaman ng publiko ang sama ng ugali nya. Napahaba tuloy post ko...censya na.