Hot Picks For Miss Universe 2007 (As Of May 07, 2007)

(Based on combined scores of Mykiru, Invited Guests and Poll Results)
As of May 07, 2007

1. MISS KOREA - Honey Lee 9.66

2. MISS INDIA - Puja Gupta 9.53

3. MISS USA - Rachel Smith 9.50

4. MISS MEXICO - Rosa Maria Ojeda Cuen 9.46

5. MISS VENEZUELA - Ly Jonaitis 9.43

6.5 MISS ARUBA - Carolina Raven 9.36

6.5 MISS JAPAN - Riyo Mori 9.36

8. MISS GREECE - Doukissa Nomikou 9.34

9. MISS RUSSIA - Tatiana Kotova 9.27

10. MISS ANGOLA - Micaela Reis 9.26

11. MISS PHILIPPINES - Anna Theresa Licaros 9.22

12. MISS SOUTH AFRICA - Megan Coleman 9.21

13. MISS SPAIN - Natalie Zabala Arroyo 9.20

15. MISS THAILAND - Farung Yuthithum 9.19

15. MISS LEBANON - Nadine Njeim 9.19

15. MISS PARAGUAY - Maria Jose Maldonado Gomez - 9.19

Close shots:

17.5 Egypt
17.5 Estonia
19.5 Brazil
19.5 Tanzania

Strong Alternates:
21. Colombia
22. Argentina
23. Slovenia
24. Cyprus
25. Antigua & Barbuda
27. Hungary
27. Peru
27. Serbia
29.5 Bolivia
29.5 Nicaragua

You can still vote for your top 15 favorites at Mykiru's Hot Poll.

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6 Comment(s):

  1. My Top 15 choices are:

    1) JAPAN
    4) INDIA
    5) ESTONIA
    7) PERU
    8) USA
    9) ISRAEL
    10) MEXICO
    11) CANADA
    12) PARAGUAY
    13) BELGIUM
    14) ANGOLA

    I hope that the panel of judges will be more diverse this year. I hope that the Preliminary as well as Finals Night judges will not solely come from the Americas. I think that Asians are strong this year (just like last year - but were unfortunately snobbed). I hope that the judges will give them a chance to shine. I also hope that there will be NO MORE "Trump Choices"! (Almost half of last year's Top 20 were very disappointing!) All the best!

  2. India is really great" beauty and brains. I also like Japan, Canada, Greece and mexico. USA is not that special, if she gets inthe top 10 then we all know that there is favoratism in the judges

  3. I wish that the PHILIPPINES will win!

  4. Miss Japan should not be included in the top 15 coz she's so damn ugly!!!!!!!
    They should select a delegate who showcases both beauty and brains and with an excellent background,.just like the Miss Philippines who graduated as Summa Cumlaude and now taking up Law,.and Miss U.S.A. who graduated as Magna Cumlaude,.
    If EVER MISS PHILIPPINES or THE MISS U.S.A. WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE FINALS NIGHT,.Then the Miss UNIVERSE organization is nothing but a garbage!!

  5. Well, wala nga yan sa pagandahan ng mukha. It's beauty as a whole, at sa swerte na rin siguro. Destiny ika nga. Oh, si Ms. Japan nga, di pinakamaganda pero syang nanalo. Congrats to anonymous, na-guess nya ng tama ang country na makakuha ng crown.