Shrek the Third Beats Spider-Man 3

Shrek the Third is the new leader in the US Box-Office, but only for the weekend, May 18-20.

The movie sets a new record for having the highest opening weekend for an animated film. Its opening weekend sales is $122M but only the third highest movie debut placing after Spider-Man 3's $151.1M and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest's $135.6M.

Shrek the Third will not, for sure, surpass Spider-Man 3's worldwide gross of $747M because next week, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is expected to rule the box-office charts. Expectation is so high for the third Pirates, if it could beat the $151 million opening weekend of Spider-Man 3 or not.

Outside US, "Shrek the Third" raked in $13.3M in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Romania and the Philippines. I hope Hollywood movies could think of holding a grand movie premiere in the Philippines, considering it's the #1 Asian country to bring in high sales for their movies.

Two-time Box Office leader Disturbia remains strong at #4 despite heavy competion. Disturbia has been staying in the box-office charts for 6 weeks already, the longest for now.

Aside from Shrek the Third, no other movies which opened last week were able to penetrate the US Box-Office.

Spider-Man 3 is now at #20 in the all-time box office hits worldwide, the only 2007 movie so far to be included in the Top 50 list. Spider-Man 1 is at #15 and Spider-Man 2 is at #18.

Here's the US Weekend Box-Office (May 18-20, 207):

1. "Shrek the Third," $122 million.
2. "Spider-Man 3," $28.5 million.
3. "28 Weeks Later," $5.15 million.
4. "Disturbia," $3.7 million.
5. "Georgia Rule," $3.5 million.
6. "Fracture," $2.4 million.
7. "Delta Farce," $1.8 million.
8. "The Invisible," $1.3 million.
9. "Hot Fuzz," $1.26 million.
10. "Waitress," $1.14 million.

Figures courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

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