What Kind Of Mom Are You?

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Who are the "best" mothers? What kind of mom are you?
Sure, some signs are more maternal than others, but all signs offer their own mothering gifts. To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, here’s an astrological primer for you and mom:

Aries Sun:
Strength: Bold, energetic, and empowering
Weakness: Impatient, not always able to appreciate another’s feelings, may feel too responsible for own mother’s happiness
Aries Moon:
To feel safe needs: Aliveness, action, and ongoing activity
Mothering style: Exciting and stimulating

Taurus Sun:
Strength: Steady, warm, dependable, affectionate
Weakness: Stubborn, self-indulgent, and ‘dense’
Taurus Moon:
To feel safe needs: Consistency, Good food, many creature comforts, a substantial, steady income
Mothering style: Grounding, comforting, sensual, soothing, reassuring

Gemini Sun:
Strength: Very bright, playful, funny, and resourceful
Weakness: Crazy-making, immature, distracted, pulled in many directions
Gemini Moon:
To feel safe needs: Mobility (some Gemini moons are more at home in their car than anywhere else), language, words, self-expression
Mothering style: Communicative, educational, loves through literacy

Cancer Sun
Strength: Sensitive, psychic, emotionally present
Weakness: Emotionally demanding, dependent, maudlin, a drama queen, easily feels abandoned
Cancer Moon
To feel safe needs: a safe haven, emotional connection to loved ones
Mothering style: cradling, enveloping, loves to provide the basics—food, shelter, and love

Leo Sun
Strength: Radiant, joyful, proud, and loyal: her children have a strong sense of belonging and of being important
Weakness: May need too much attention, or be too concerned with appearances and what others think, the stage mother who needs to be the star herself
Leo Moon
To feel safe needs: Creative expression and recognition (Barbra Streisand has a Leo moon), expensive, ‘royal’ surroundings, to brag a little, spending money
Mothering style: doting, indulgent, wants the best of everything for her "cubs"

Virgo Sun
Strength: Health comes first, practical, attentive, observant, can see what the doctor missed
Weakness: Critical, intolerant, over-analytical, demands perfection of self and others
Virgo Moon
To feel safe needs: A good work routine, cleanliness, order, time and space to process
Mothering style: Thorough, efficient, caring, reasonable

Libra Sun
Strength: Pleasant, Fair, inviting, social, and welcoming
Weakness: Unstable, demanding (perfection from others), can be emotionally distant and detached
Libra Moon
To feel safe needs: Objectivity, distance, tranquility and beautiful surroundings
Mothering style: delicate, cultured, refined, cool

Scorpio Sun
Strength: Powerful, can handle anything, a healer
Weakness: Overwhelming, possessive, mistrusting, interrogating, controlling, vengeful
Scorpio Moon
To feel safe needs: Alone time, emotional boundaries respected, time to learn to trust you—once they do, you’re theirs for life
Mothering style: Deep psychological-orientation, consuming, intense, can be a very good provider,

Sagittarius Sun
Strength: Upbeat, optimistic, curious
Weakness: Preachy, pedantic, annoyingly cheery, intolerant, judgmental
Sagittarius Moon
To feel safe needs: Room to expand, emotional freedom, frequent travel
Mothering style: Inspiring, encouraging, will do anything for child’s education (Aquarian Oprah has Sagittarius moon)

Capricorn Sun
Strength: Wise, responsible, seasoned, a huge heart that has "been there," emotionally mature
Weakness: Cold, gloomy, depressive, uncommunicative
Capricorn Moon
To feel safe needs: Structure, work, an ongoing sense of accomplishment, many Capricorn moons like working at home and sleep near their desk
Mothering Style: Organized, assigns chores, likes employing kids in the family business

Aquarius Sun
Strength: Encourages kids’ individuality, innovative, tolerant, you can be who you are
Weakness: Cranky, unpredictable, inconsistent, ‘out-there’
Aquarius Moon
To feel safe needs: Freedom, variety, extended families, community
Mothering style: Avant-garde, futuristic, progressive, all encompassing (Cancerian Princess Diana had the moon in Aquarius)

Pisces Sun
Strength: Empathetic, compassionate, sensitive, great coping skills, the consummate multi-tasker
Weakness: All over the place, frantic, over-extended, worried
Pisces Moon
To feel safe needs: Emotional validation, spiritual foundation, a sanctuary
Mothering style: Gentle, aware of other realms, psychic attunement, sweet, lyrical

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