Spider-Man 3 Snatches Record From The Pirates


Believed to be the most expensive movie of all time, Spider-Man 3 sets another new record for having the biggest single day opening in the US.

Spider-Man 3 registered an estimated $59M opening sales, breaking the previous $55.8M record of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

The third Spider-Man movie also took in $45M outside US, probably sums up opening sales in Asian countries such as Japan, Philippines and among others.

It also holds the record for having the widest realeses, with 4,252 theaters.

Sony Pictures, producer of Spider-Man 3, expects the movie to snatch the record this weekend, for having have biggest opening weekend of all time, which is currently held by "Dead Man's Chest."

Get back here on Monday to see the top 10 US box-office hits this weekend.

Info from Yahoo! Movies

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