Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Mid-Week Report

Kian and Wendy's Re-Entry

Buntis Task

The Misunderstanding between Zeke and Yen

6th Nomination Night

In Big Brother Slovenia, our dear Tina has already been evicted. 73% of voters chose her to be out of the house. She was automatically nominated for making a racist remark against Bosnians, which offended one Slovenian housemate, who's also half-Bosnian. People in Slovenia also think that Tina become so arrogant when she came back from the Philippines. Yes, it's understandable, because Tina was more loved in Pinoy Big Brother than in Big Brother Slovenia. To Tina, you still have the hearts of the Filipinos.

On the 2nd video, you can see how happy Tina was when she saw some of her scenes in Pinoy Big Brother, as a farewell tribute to her.

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