Spider-Man 3's Sales Climb Up To $600M


Spider-Man 3 has ruled the US Box-Office weekend for the second time, preventing new releases such as 28 Weeks Later, Lindsay Lohan's Geogria Rule and Delta Farce to steal a reasonably large number of audiences.

Spider-Man 3 has already raked in an estimated sales of $622M worldwide, securing already a slot in Top 50 Movies of all time.

Spider-Man 1 is at #15, Spider-Man 2 at #18 while Spider-Man is now already in #25 only over a week of release.

Disturbia dropped two points, now at #4 while Blades of Glory has finally been booted out of the Top 10 after staying there for 6 weeks.

Meet the Robinsons is enjoying its 7-week streak of being included in the Top 10.

US Weekend Box Office
May 11-13, 2007

1 Spider-Man 3 $60,000,000
2 28 Weeks Later $10,000,000
3 Georgia Rule $5,879,000
4 Disturbia $4,807,000
5 Delta Farce $3,500,000
6 Fracture $2,900,000
7 The Invisible $2,202,000
8 Hot Fuzz $1,655,000
9 Next $1,604,000
10 Meet the Robinsons $1,600,000

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