The Girl Who Needs An Explanation


Someone asked her: Who's the Sexiest Basketball Player in the UAAP? Why?
And she said: Haha! My friends probably know my answer to this question. Something I cannot reveal for it may cause trouble, but a hint is he has really nice pecs (chest).

I have featured here before the possible girlfriend of a housemate in the Big Brother house.

The first girl was confirmed to be the former one, while the other one was rumored to be the real girlfriend.

On television, the housemate already admitted that he's indeed committed, even received a letter from his girlfriend, but later on, he broke up with her right before the camera, telling Big Brother that he's sure that he loves another housemate.

Let's get to know the rumored girl whose identity wasn't revealed on television, but widely talked about on the internet:

On different websites and forums, you can read comments like these:

"Sino nagkakalat ng pictures? Anyway, may multiply site naman si ex-gf fran, eh. Doon pa lang, kalat na."

"Nagkalat din kasi si bruce on national TV..respeto lang naman eh..hinay hinay lang sana..insulto na kasi ginawa niya..sana marunong siyang mag hintay..mag hintay sa tamang oras! Tamang oras na magkausap sila ni fran in person.. Yun lang naman! Again we’re not talking about love here, we’re talking bout RESPECT!"

While on my own blog, somebody made a comment like this:
"i just think it's unfair na hahatulan ng ibang tao dyan na kinakarma si bruce or si fran (bruce's real current gf) because of what happened to jc."

And even on the girl's friendster account, I've read these phrases on her comment box: "frannie... always remember that i'm here for you. be strong..." ; "Frannie,, Im on your side,, Keep Rockin',, muah muah,, =)" and her reply was "Friends I am doing ok... Just don't mention it anymore to me... k? Luv Yah My Friends" These convo happened between May 6th and 7th.

Though the name of the housemate was never mentioned in her friendster account, basing on those phrases, you would really think that what they're talking about is in relation to that of the PBB Housemate.

Also on her personal blog thru an entry entitled "IM PROUD", PBB and ABS-CBN were mentioned.

Get to know more about Fran at UAAP Official Website.

and for the full transcript of the letter sent to her boyfriend in the house, visit Teen Talk or directly to her personalblog.

I also found on the internet her Multiply account where a lot of people aired their own thoughts about the issue.

Since the suspense is over, take time to visit the thread that started all the speculations about Bruce ever since he began his career in the UAAP.

P.S. Quoted from People's Journal's interview with Wendy Valdez: “I never expected to fall for Bruce. Kasi nung una siyang pumasok sa PBB and was assigned to sleep sa girls’ room, sabi ko pa nga about him, girlash yan. He even nominated me. Tapos, noong na-evict na ko, iyak nang iyak at naga-I love you sa’kin. Naloka ako. Hindi ko talaga alam na may girlfriend siya. I feel betrayed nga na hindi niya sinabi sa’king may syota na siya, and if I were the girl whose name daw is Frances, I’d also feel betrayed. Noon ngang una kong pasok sa PBB, I told myself I’d never get involved with anyone inside the house, pero hindi nga natupad. Yun namang boyfriend ko, bago pa ako pumasok, marami na kaming away. Malabo na kami. So ngayong nakalabas na ko, nakipag-break na nga ako.”

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3 Comment(s):

  1. I've always wondered how come it's a secret and yet there are countless photos of her with her Bruceboy for public viewing.

  2. For me, okay din na nagkalat pics nila Bruce sa internet. He has a lot to answer to when he goes out of the house. Sorry, he lost lots of people's respect. Isa pa naman sana sa mga cool guys sa loob. But breaking his gf on tv is unforgivable. He is a coward. Nakakahiya, man na man tingnan duwag pala na harapin in person ang gf nya.

  3. If I were Fran, I wouldn't wait for any explanation. No need! WTF! That's unforgivable unless she is a saint! There are far better, cleaner, and smarter guy for you girl! I bet many guys will be happy if you don't give that dick a second chance! Fran don't worry many people know that what he did is isn't fair, and he'll pay for it, big time! Many people hates him already. I doubt it if he makes it big in showbiz. Pls. pls. pls. Don't give him a second chance!