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Bodie sits on Bruce's lap inside the car.

The secret Balik-Bahay housemates prepared "kamote" dishes for the 9 remaining housemates. The housemates ate it, liked the food very much and then Big Brother asked them to go outside.

They were then asked to accomplish another task, a task that would save Nel, Bea, Saicy and Bruce from the punishment that Big Brother gave to them earlier regarding their "peeing" act in the garden.

The task was to stay inside the car for 2 hours. Considering they ate "kamote" earlier and Big Brother even asked them to eat more of it inside the car, will the 9 housemates get through with it? Will there be farting? Who's gonna fart the most?

As a televiewer, I could also feel what the housemates could feel inside the car. I, honestly, didn't find it enjoyable to see the housemates on that situation. It was a hard feeling, to tell you guys.

Saicy already showed some signs of giving up while inside the car.

At last, the 2-hour task was over. Full of sweat, tired and almost breathless, 9 housemates got off the car. It was a success!

However, it didn't end up that well as you would think. Gee-Ann almost fainted, told her housemates she couldn't see. She was then asked to lie down.

Saicy, who almost gave up inside the car, could not breathe outside and she vomitted. The housemates were worried and asked for help from Big Brother.

For now, everything is just fine. Saicy and some other housemates will have themselves for a medical check-up. No need to worry, but you really can't control yourself to worry about it.

On ABS-CBN forums, PBB fanatics expressed their opinions about the incident, made comments that the task was cruel and Big Brother made a huge mistake.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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2 Comment(s):

  1. that must be the worst task that BB gave the housemates. It's very cruel, nasty and dangerous. Desperado na ba ang abs-cbn/ PBB umangat sa ratings nila for them to do this kind of gimik?

    not to mention pa yong balik bahay ng mga ex-housemates? imagine people wasted so much money so they can vote against sa mga taong to...and now they are back in the house. para ano? panoorin ang romansa nila wendy at bruce? are we expected to see more kissing and hugging among the two and fucking if i may add? gusto pa ata ni BB pakiligin ang mga televiewers, ano?

    at yang babaeng kalbo (yen) jan sa loob ng PBB haus, kelan pa ba yan lalabas? akala ko one week lang sya dun at nagbibisita lang kasi gusto nya ma experience na maging isang HM. nakakainis din ang Yen na yan sa loob. panay bigay ng advises, mahilig mang huhula, at numero unong backstabber din at akala mo kong sinong Miss-know-it-all...nakaka irita na talaga yang kalbo na yan. all i can say is, lumalala na talaga ang PBB. sana tapusin na yan ang show at wag na sila mag dagdag pa ng tao sa loob. hay gimik talaga.

  2. hay...naku...oo nga..parang nawalan narin akong gana manood ng pbb..kakainis...