Wendy's High Votes: Reasonable? Or Unbelievable?


It has been officially announced that Balik-Bahay housemates Kian Kazemi and Wendy Valdez will now be two of the official housemates of the house. Kian got only 17.71%, the second highest, very far from Wendy's 54.04% of votes.

It is not right to accuse Pinoy Big Brother of manipulation as what other people say, but is it really possible for Wendy to get that very high votes, considering she failed to be saved when she was pitied against Saicy and Gee-Ann during the 4th Eviction?

Voters who participated during the 4th Eviction are protesting that they have used lots of loads just to get Wendy ousted that time, but what happened this time?

Possibility is, very few people have participated to vote for these balik-bahay housemates, because from the very start, they were not in favor of it. As what one fan has said before, he would no longer waste a single cent just to vote for these balik-bahay housemates. Or probably Wendy has now a huge fan base? Speak up Brendy fans.

That's the risk of relying the decision through text votes, when transparency is not taken into consideration. It's business after all. For the voters, they feel their votes were not counted, because a pre-made decision has all been set. They might be right or falsely accuse PBB, but all they need is transparency and an explanation coming from the said reality show. Voters deserve it I suppose.

For now, it has not yet been disclosed when they're going to meet the other 9 legitimate housemates. As to Jasmin Engracia, who got the second lowest percentage of 15.64, she still has to wait for further instruction from Big Brother.

For the information of many, Zeke who got the lowest percentage of 12.61%, joined the other 9 housemates, but he won't be staying that long. Big Brother is giving him a privilege to stay in the house overnight or for 24 hours, with 9 other official housemates.

It's something unexpected, and was never thought of. Big Brother simply wants Zeke to settle any differences he had with the other housemates.

As what I've said before, this is the chance for Kian to be with Gee-Ann, whom he admires for now. Wendy, who's luckier than ever, will also have the chance, either to make up, break up or make out with Bruce Quebral. As they say, Wendy is the "drama" that Pinoy Big Brother wants to have.

Kian Kazemi

Jasmin Engracia

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  1. pinoys must be sooo into her.

  2. Desperado na ba ang abs-cbn/ PBB umangat sa ratings nila for them to do this kind of gimik?

    not to mention pa yong balik bahay ng mga ex-housemates? imagine people wasted so much money so they can vote against sa mga taong to...and now they are back in the house. para ano? panoorin ang romansa nila weny at bruce? can we see more kissing and hugging and fucking if i may add? gusto pa ata ni BB pakiligin ang mga televiewers, ano?

    at yang babaeng kalbo (yen) jan sa loob ng PBB haus, kelan pa ba yan lalabas? akala ko one week lang sya dun at nagbibisita lang kasi gusto nya ma experience na maging isang HM. nakakainis din ang Yen na yan sa loob. panay bigay ng advises, mahilig mang huhula, at numero unong backstabber din at akala mo kong sinong Miss-know-it-all...nakaka irita na talaga yang kalbo na yan. all i can say is, lumalala na talaga ang PBB. sana tapusin na yan ang show at wag na sila mag dagdag pa ng tao sa loob. hay gimik talaga.

  3. ANO BA YAN?????? Ano ba tlaga gusto ng mga tga ABS? it so unfair,,,pinalayas na binalik pa???? lalong lalo na yang WENDY'NG YAN???? di sya karapat dapat ibalik sa bahay subrang nakaka irita na tlaga sya..marami ang nag celebrate ng mawala sya, tapos yan binalik na nman? unbelievable na maka reach sya ng ganyan kadaming votes..
    Taposin nyo na ang PBB kasi nawalan na kami ng ganang manood jan..Lalong babagsak ang ratings ng PBB nyan..I promised i will never watch PBB again dahil kay wendy at i know na marami kami

  4. Wendy is such a big HO... diba Japayuki yan? hahaha, At first i liked Bruce coz he was family oriented etc,,, now he's only focus is his love for Wendy... Kala ko ba goal nya kaya siya pumasok ng PBB house eh para matulungan pamilya nya? Eh bakit ngayon puro landian nalang nasa isip nya? WTF happened sa syota nya sa labas? at ni Wendy? Pareho silang plastic...Bruce deserves Wendy's warm embrace coz of her fake BOOBS.

    WTF also dun sa Globe housemate? mukha lang siyang kulangot sa loob ng bahay, hindi siya masyadong pinapansin ng mga house mates

  5. u know wendy ikaw ang super plastic,ayaw mo lang aminin na naiinggit ka kay gee-ann.mas maganda nman c gee-ann sau noh!prang kang palengkera,hindi ka dapat kasali sa big 4.I hope ang channel 2 maging patas ang sana rin wag naman nila dayain ang score ok plsssss!sna mging katula kau ng channel 7 patas lang ok!

    from;jeddah k.s.a