Mykiru's 2nd Month Celebration


Time really flies so fast. It's overwhelming that this blog has survived already for two months, since its conception last March 01 (US Time) and I still hope, as I always do, that it would go a long long way.

MYKIRU & THE MISSING PIECE, as the name suggests, will never stop looking for the Missing Piece, which stands for TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT that would fill in the missing piece of everyone's heart. Sounds strange, but it's true.

For two months, from nothing to something, it has now had over 30,000 visitors from 126 countries, more than the number of participants joining Miss Universe and Miss World.

On April 1, my blog just ranked between 2million - 3million bracket, but now it ranks 975,449th out of over 4million sites and blogs in the world.

Mykiru ranks 3,129th most visited sites in Botswana, higher than my rank in the Philippines, which is 4,699th.

Because of the Big Brother Swap updates, Mykiru ranks 6,937th in Slovenia. I had also featured Mr. World candidate Nebojsa Malesevic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which brought me to rank 9,149th in the said country.

My aim for this month is to reach top 500,000 sites in the world and it would only be possible if you continue supporting this blog.

I don't know how to repay you my dear visitors, but a precious THANK YOU is all I can say for your continuous support.

Mykiru's Traffic Rank in other countries:
Botswana 3,129
Philippines 4,699
Slovenia 6,937
Bosnia and Herzegovina 9,149
Oman 34,657
Greece 84,891
Hong Kong 115,848
Italy 182,738
Spain 294,789
United Kingdom 641,761

Top 10 Visitors (by countries)
1. Philippines
2. United States of America (USA)
3. Slovenia
4. Canada
5. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
6. United Kingdom (UK)
7. Saudi Arabia
8. Singapore
9. Australia
10. Germany

Top 10 Visitors (by cities)
1. Manila
2. Makati
3. Quezon
4. Las Piñas
5. Cebu
6. Dubai
7. Mandaue
8. Mountain View, California
9. Ljubljana
10. Mandaluyong

Top 10 Most Read Articles/ Posts for the month of April
1. Slovenian housemates get evicted because of Bruce
2. Big Brother Swap update: Tina of Slovenia is going to the Philippines
3. Hunk Alert: Lucas Gil, Mr. Brazil World 2007
4. Mr. World 2007 Official Results
5. Myx's Weekly Top 20 countdown
6. Filipinized Tina's Comeback in Slovenia
7. 17 Reasons to love AJ Perez
8. Manhunt Int'l Contestant is PBB's newest housemate
9. Forced Eviction for Maricris
10. Bruce will bring Philippines to Europe

About M.I.

Mykiru is an entertainment blogger, having been named as one of the Top 10 Pinoy Showbiz Resources in the Philippines. For a decade now, has been delivering the latest, the hottest and most trending issues in the country.

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  1. 4 thumbs up for Mykiru & the Missing Piece...

    There's no other reason for this blog to not come along its way to the top...

    And soon it will reach fast the longing of success and power among others...

    Keep it up Kapamilyang Myk!

  2. hi kely thanx for dropping by... so you're from costa rica? you're an agent?